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Author Topic: Tatiana of Annabellas- Milton Keynes  (Read 382 times)

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I visited Tatiana recently after a mate gave me the thumbs-up regarding her looks and service...he said she was very much like a younger version of Izabel (of Annabellas, MKE, HoD, LMP fame)...that was enough to get me going as Izabel is a top lady.

I notice Tatiana also does days at HoD in London and MKEscorts in MK...




She has Izabel's striking dark looks, but is very slim with small pert boobs, a few freckles and a good sense of fun...she was dancing to the music and very smiley...her English is coming along nicely.

Her kissing was passionate with a slight smoker taste. After some ball-sucking and teasing sloppy oral, she climbed on in Reverse Cowgirl at her suggestion. That was a great party trick and an amazing view of her bobbing up and down on my cock with her starfish winking at me and her head turned round to look at me. She did great eye contact all the time, she's really got the GFE down to tee and is confidently sexy. She did Cowgirl, Doggy...really nice hip action, pushing onto me and talking dirty to each other. I then flipped her over and mounted her in mish and rutted as deep and hard as I could, she was giving it back. I had her legs up by my shoulders, then open wide as I split her cunt with my dick right up to the hilt, felt amazing! As I got closer I came down and snogged her and that pushed me over the edge...all in all, very satisfying!!  :)

She was lively, fun and sexy...yes, a bit like a younger, mid-20s, slightly tamer version of Izabel...and probably the best all-rounder of the Romanians I've seen in MK.  :thumbsup:

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