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Author Topic: Jenny - Naughty Northern Escorts  (Read 1888 times)

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Offline rugger35


A hour incall spent with Jenny in a basement flat in Middlesbrough communications with the agency where dead straight forward rang up booked to see her Jenny. Was texted directions and description of the address. Easy to find as I know Boro pretty well after slight difficulty gaining access.

I was greated to a smiling Jenny as she opened the door I would put her more late twenties than twenty two. She was bright and chatty as I got undressed started wth some nice deep kissing she is tanned slightly heavier than her photos but with nice curves and her tattoos looked good on her though they might not be too everyone tastes.

Then moved onto some oral her technique was very good deep with a nice twisting motion her hand caressing my balls, then on with the Mac and her on top riding me pretty deep and watching her lovely boobs bounce was a nice siight. At the time I thought the initial moaning might of been a bit put on.

Then switched into doggy and got really deep Jenny's moaning became much louder but due to the wetness I was feeling I think the moaning was genuine, then another round of her on top. I have a lot of stamina and don't climax quickly. Back into doggy position had to stop after a while as she said her legs where going always a nice thing to here. Had about 15 mins left at this point some more oral then Jenny climbed back on top and rode me I was very deep and could feel myself nearer orgasm came nice and hard.

Cleaned up had a nice 5 minute chat before I left did I enjoy yes my best punt since seeing the delightful Billie Piper several times in the summer. Would I see Jenny again would I recommend again I would but the tattoos might be a deal breaker for some but defineatly suit her.
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Online daveev

Jenny must have had a boob job from last time i saw her, say's she is enhanced now, any one seen her recent?

Think last time i seen her ... Mid december iirc, she said she was getting one. I think she was fine as was and leant to her youthful look. That said ill be making an appointment to check her out - think she was having a break til february she said.

Great girl, really cute (reminds me of emma stone actress) and really sweet but horny as fuck too.
Wicked bj, smooth as fuck and really feels good. My favourite nne girl.

Offline lonewolf247

Jenny is brilliant. I've seen her a number of times and each time has been great. I will leave a review after my next visit.
Banning reason: Leaving positive review for a blacklisted prossie to cancel her recent bad one

I'm pleased she's back on the calendar, but I have to say her boobs were perfect as they were! 

Offline Xemit

I'm pleased she's back on the calendar, but I have to say her boobs were perfect as they were!

Agreed, they were fantastic. Tried to tell her how good they were and that she shouldn't get a boob job but it seems to no avail...

Offline rugger35

Agreed but I don't think it would put me off another session with her.

Jenny told me some time back in the autumn, that she was booked in for a boob job around Christmas. I thought I had talked her out of it (as she was perfect as a 34C) but clearly to no avail.

She didn't mention it when I last saw her, four weeks ago,  but I had a funny feeling that she must be going ahead with the op, when she disappeared off the NNE website a week or so later. She is doing well to come back so rapidly. I just hope that she can stand up without overbalancing, and that Gracies will get some decent premises sorted out.

It seems that we are all of a similar mind. Whilst I'm not keen on enhanced boobs, Jenny will continue to shine, and I can't wait to see her new look when our diaries next match up. January is a grim month, and seeing that Jenny is back in action has put the smile back on my face, a spring in my step and some life back in my pants!

Offline Third Man

 i saw her once and thought she looked ok as was though iv not been back . Im not a boob man myself but i wish they wouldnt get done as i dont think it ever looks good and in most cases offputting 

Was booked to see her today but the appointment was cancelled when I called to advise I was five minutes away.  Gutted does not adequately describe my disappointment  :dash:. I'd rearranged my day and waited in shitty boro for two hours in great anticipation of seeing Jenny and her new assets.

Hoping to rearrange asap.  I'll post a review once I've seen her.

Trawled AW for any kind of replacement but it would have been wasted money and would have made things worse not better. I don't think boros ever been worse than it is now.  The only lass I'd have considered was Mary Jane sweetheart but she's £130 hour and though decent she's no Jenny.

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