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Author Topic: Fingering  (Read 2728 times)

Offline yumyum3

You be careful she doesn't cut them off, young man - or worse still a Wayne Bobitt job :wackogirl:


My wife hates me fingering.
She usually starts a row, yanking my fingers out out of my girlfriend and throwing her out of the house.

Yeah I hate it when that happens !!!


Adultwork should add it as an 'Enjoy'.


I appreciate a girl may not like it - in which case I would just not choose her.

What is hard about keeping your own fingers and nails in good shape and clean? Most of us probably have sedentary jobs. I carry nail clippers with me at all times, and if I had any skin problem on a finger such as a recent unhealed scratch I would not punt - just as I don't if I have a cold or flu.

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