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Author Topic: Siam Sauna - Horten Heath  (Read 698 times)

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Offline HantsGuy


So I went here on the recommendation by someone on this site.

Arrived and thought it best to park on a side street and walk around, The Sauna is right by a car sales garage and they shout abuse at you as you walk in. To be fair the guy was lucky I didn't confront him and remove some teeth but I just ignored that thought sod it I'm here to have fun.

Got in and was met by an older Thai women who showed me to a room, I had checked their website out so knew which girl was working so was really looking forward to here walking in. Well something walked in but it wasn't the girl they claimed to be working. Instead I was greated by what looked like a Thai crack adict. This women was covered in bruises and spoke very little English.

I really wanted to walk away from the place right there and then but they take your money as soon as you enter before introducing you to the girl, Rookie mistake by me never again. This women then picked some mouth wash up off the side swilled her mouth out and then spat it into a tissue infront of me. ( Classy )

Down to business, OW - One of the worst I had really, wasn't great decided sod it i'm just going to do my deed and get the hell out. Sex was in 1 postion and the only positive was she was a petite women so got some joy out of that and her little thai moan.

Left swiftly got in car and drove all the way home.

I will never visit this place again really not worth it.

Offline Stiltskin

Sorry you had a bad experience.

I've been there twice, always when my other options fell through. The first visit was ok and the last one really good. They never asked for money until I met the girl in the room and visiting after dark, I never had a problem with the car lot.

Knowing that they have a problem with the place, if I visit again in the day time I'll be sure to march up to the car sales office and ask them where the whore house is :D. Wankers.

Offline webpunter

My review on SS on here was positive - just.  Only coz the thai bird was quite fit & offered an OK HJ & tit-wank.  The place was piss-poor as i mentioned
Didn't get any grief on the way in - no one around.  On the way out the car forecourt was busy.  i didn't give a toss as not from around there & parked round the corner.  Highly unlikely that i'll be in the area again & if the case i'll find an AW indie & pass on a 2nd visit

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