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Hotel in central london - Earls court

1 hour - £250 at the time if i remembered right... think she dropped her prices, may need to drop them again to be fair.

Comms - Maxes has always been good with communication - no fault here

Looks - she was really caked with make up, as in layers and layers. really did'nt like it, alongside i knew she was going to be a full woman, but she really isnt a size 12, i would say a cupcake away from being a bbw. I mean i am not going to say she was flabby but just really didnt seem to fit the pictures, i dont really want to be very harsh on her but far from the pics.. maybe it was the make up..

Service - Very chatty in a time killing way, to be fair i think she was of her face as i notice alot of powder substance on the table. She owo was'nt to bad prob the highlight, when it came to rimming she was very lazy.
When it came to sex, i strapped up.. went on top (of-course) and notice her downstairs was really red raw...i found it really of putting.. but hey i paid £250 and had to let me nut of.. pounded away for a bit, changed to doggy.. she has a nice arse to be fair.. pounded hard while she talked dirty. :)

Really didnt find her attractive , so had to force myself to cum to as i mean she was not really enthusiastic or have provide a PSE or GFE. Once i came.. there was a fair abit of time left.. abit of force awkward banter..

Would'nt go back.. she cost way to much for what she is, £200 now you can see a hot woman like Sasha or any other friendly girls from AW who will provide a way better service.. save your money guys .. i really would say shes a catfit

Thanks for the review. Always been intrigued by her but will now avoid.

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Thanks for the review.  Such a shame that it appears she has gone downhill more rapidly than an olympic skier  :thumbs down:

Was great with me two years ago so I have fond memories, but with the last two reviews being very negative, I won't be seeking any new memories of Blair.
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