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Author Topic: Cherry of Nottingham  (Read 466 times)

Offline jimbm55


Anyone seen her?  Overall effect is a bit odd. Very very long self description and slightly weird pics (rock climbing??!!)

Description matches my preferred type but feedback limited (and a tad fluffy) and the one review sounds like he's in lurv
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Offline RedKettle

Looks interesting - not sure why!!!

Do we think she really is Italian or does that mean Romanian??

Shame OWO is at discretion, would like to know which end of the "at discretion" spectrum she is at.

If she offered 30 mins I would be interested in TOFTT - not sure I am willing to punt £120.

Offline jimbm55

Hadn't considered the Romanian possibility  ;)
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Offline jimbm55

I wanted to see if anyone else had had a better experience and if I caught her on an off day
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I saw her a few weeks back. She does like to have a chat but we overran by as much. She's with one of the agencies mostly and she is Italian but with very good English.
I've noticed she's not been on AW much recently so I think she's probably been busy with agency work.
I thought she was great, lovely fit body, good conversation and would definitely see her again.

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