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Offline Krajo


London Canary Wharf

Half an hour £80

This is the first time i have posted on this forum and i'm doing so as I feel compelled to let people know about this lady.

Looks wise she is older than her stated 21 years old and very average, probably of romanian decent but she has an english accent and so obviously she has called herself 'English' (fair enough). Very average and usually I would have walked when I had seen what she looked like but unfortunately my better judgement was not working on this occasion.

As well as acting very erratic as well as spaced out, she also did many things that pissed me off. Said on the profile that she does OWO, only to discover after arriving and having a shower that this is something she either only does for 1 hour bookings or if you pay her an extra £20. This made me want to leave, buy obviously I had just taken a shower and also given her money.

She also says that she has a natural bust, what a lie, they were clearly fake implants.

The actual sex was also very restrictive as she kept on telling me that i couldnt do certain positions as she didnt 'Like it', or I was going 'Too Deep'. I am by no means an aggressive individual and to hear things like this only made me feel even more cheated and disheartened.

At the end of the session she clearly saw I was upset and tried to make small talk, I was not interested as I felt cheated. Admittedly this isnt the first time I have dealt with this sort of lady, but after a while I feel it is my duty to inform others of disingenuous service providers.

3 review(s) found for Sexy-English-Sofia linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Bobdayley

Sorry to hear you had a bad one
Thanks for the head up
I will be avoiding this one 4real
Banning reason: aka Kennedyr007

Offline James999

Sounds like another Romanian skank  :thumbsdown:

Ta mate. I was going to planning to meet her this week after 6 requests for a booking!!

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