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Author Topic: First Time - OWO  (Read 1963 times)

Offline smiths

I had OWO for first time on Saturday.
The WG gets checked every 3 months and her latest MOT was 4 weeks ago.
The chances of STI\STD are low but I didn't realise there was still a chance.

Intention is to get checked at GUM.  Have never been before so any advice on anxiety in whether I could have something and also the routine at GUM would be great.


The first thing is the WG saying she gets checked every 3 months isn't proof she does of course, trust NO WG is my advice. Secondly I am very surprised you didn't realise there was a risk from OWO, ALL sexual contact with another person involves a risk, its for you to take the risks your prepared to take.

Others have given good info about the GUM, I don't give them my real details as they aren't relevant unless I got infected when my GP might need to be involved, if you aren't bothered then no problem obviously. But there has been a data leak from the Dean Street clinic in London where some peoples HIV positive status was revealed to some others in emails, so if you don't want others to do know its wise to give false details in my view. And if your going to be having sexual contact with others in future going to the GUM on a regular basis is also wise.

I'll echo what has been said above about the GUM clinics. I been and there was no judgement despite the fact that the doc had to add an extra sheet of paper to list the girls I'd seen and the activities I'd been involved in  :D Pee test, blood test and knob swab were quick and easy and it was all done and dusted in less than half an hour including waiting room time. No need to give your real details but always worth giving correct info about what you have done and with whom. I did also ask for Hepatitis shots which are done at the time then one month later and a final booster after 6 months (I think?)

Idk you are going to punt regularly it is the common sense thing to get checked regularly and make sure you have a decent idea of the risks involved with each activity so that you can decide if you want to take the risk, however small  :thumbs:

Happy punting  :drinks:

Offline easynow

Just an update.
Went the GUM and like somebody said you need to give it 2 weeks. Saw someone I kinda knew in there but not to speak to so went ok. Young nurse said that OWO if no cuts/sore is low risk for blood viruses but possible to get STDS. Told the truth about everything  though as why not.

Eventually went back on 29th Dec and they took urine and blood samples and said wait 2 weeks for results.

Anyway intention  is to book in an OW this weekend.  Seems to be low risk as after that it would have to be something out of the safe sex scene in Naked Gun.😆


Offline hornypnter

Why ?

When dealing with any medical professional it is always best to share all.

Believe they do more through testing with punters and prossies and can be offered certain vaccinations !

Her is an interesting thread on a specific clap clinit but can apply to all


Working in medical field I agree with VW. You should be honest regarding any medical related issues. It will be help the clinical team to assess you and deliver the appropriate care.
You can give false name that does not matter.

Offline hornypnter

I'm told it's low risk, and I've never caught anything. You can avoid a face to face examination by ordering a kit online (https://www.thesticlinic.com seems legit, though there may be cheaper options).

I would not bother with DIY kits, if you are really concerned visit a clinic they are  best placed to give you accurate information.
Don't worry about visiting a clinic, it is not a daunting task. Generally I find the clinical team & admin team to be very professional.

Working in medical field I agree with VW. You should be honest regarding any medical related issues. It will be help the clinical team to assess you and deliver the appropriate care.
You can give false name that does not matter

Its the same with many illnesses you should tell all symptoms and history for quick accurate diagnosis, many people have died early because of not mentioning things to doctors its not just STI's.

Offline hornypnter

They really took a cock swab from me just two months ago. They really gave me antibiotics (well I say antibiotics, truth of the matter is it was just some tablets, and I suppose it could have been something other than antibiotcs) even though they said visualy everything looked fine. Maybe its a Hertfordshire health authority thing and each one is different

Fully agree with the 'be honest', certainly not judgemental in any shape or for. I am sure they have heard it all before.

Depending on what you said, it could be tablet for Chlamydia as it can be asymptomatic and generally it is advised to give that tablet even before you get your urine test result.

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