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Author Topic: RETRO CLUB WALSALL  (Read 1024 times)

Offline Kaluuu276

Would like to know if anyone has been recently and what was it like?

I went years ago but they have refurbished and also some new recruits are working.

If you have been then please advise on new look and who were your favorite ladies ?

They are holding some good xmas events and thinking of attending.

Offline piercedtim

I went a month or two ago and was not impressed. I used to go fairly regularly when it first opened on Tyburn Road, then when it moved to Walsall not quite so regularly, until I just kind of stopped going to these parties altogether. Recently though I've started going back to Private Club and found the atmosphere had changed for the better so decided to try R3troClub again, too. I wish I hadn't. One of the girls who was there was different to the one who was advertised and was not my cup of tea at all, and the other one was unenthusiastic to say the least. The club itself looked dirty and run down. The jacuzzi wasn't working. The bloke who was running it really didn't seem to be bothered. In fact, it kind of made me wonder whether it will even be around much longer. For me, it wasn't a party atmosphere, a sexy experience or even fun, to be honest. It almost made me wish I'd worked some overtime instead. Maybe it was just a bad day but I don't think I'll go back; although I am sure there are others who would dispute everything I've just said and think it's great.

I wouldnt say its great - but a different experience.

I prefer the private club, but mid week - the retro club has its place, but it is a different atmosphere than PC.

For me - not the first choice - but when its the only choice, like a Tuesday - then it fits the bill.

The wife and I have had some fun times there - people are friendly, its "seedy" and fun, but not the best place in mho.

Offline Demistify

I'd agree with Peter. I went one Sunday afternoon because I couldn't find anyone else and joined, so future events will be £40. It will probably be a second choice, at best, like Sunday afternoons...

Offline davidgood

This my last review of a Retro party-


Hope the link works.

I have been back a couple of times since then and had enjoyable times but I do try to visit when there are a couple of good looking girls on who I would not see partying down in London.

If I was in the Midlands on a day Debbie was having one of her GG parties I would probably go there as there would be more girls, plus possibly swingers, and you know the service the regular girls are going to give.



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