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Author Topic: X~ Sophie ~X - Warwickshire Tour Meeting  (Read 1118 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/3154707 or https://www.adultwork.com/X%7E+Sophie+%7EX

Location: Warwick
Fee: £100/1 hour (no extras)

Comms: I thought I would finally find time to write a review of my booking with Sophie from a few weeks ago. I'm not usually one for last minute bookings but was in the mood and did a quick search and spotted that Sophie was touring my area. Plenty of AW feedback and some positive comments on here persuaded me to send her a message and make a booking. Got a quick reply saying that she had one slot available at 2pm. That suited me fine and it was all sorted very quickly. Great comms is always a good start. Sophie is Latvian but speaks English very well so there were never any problems with language.

Location: Large 'national' hotel on outskirts of Warwick. Close to the motorway and a hotel I have been to before so I knew it would be fine. Reception is usually quiet but is fairly large and open. I knew where I was going to get to the lifts but Sophie did explain this to me anyway which is always appreciated. Straight in and past reception without any problems. The room was large with a big bed (only downside was that the bed was very high which made standing doggy a challenge with my short legs :D). Room was very clean with a decent bathroom and a large mirror in the room itself - big plus for me.

Appearance: I asked Sophie for the 'secretary look' and when she opened the door she was wearing exactly this - top marks  :thumbs:. Profile description of her figure/height is accurate and I would say she is 26/27 but take this with a pinch of salt as I am notoriously bad at judging ages! I have seen Sophie described as looking like a Bond Girl and I would say this is probably a good description. She has longish very dark hair (almost black) and her most noticeable feature at first glance is her eyes - they are definitely one of her best features and give her a really 'wicked' look. She does have a lovely figure. Firm bum, toned legs, small to medium boobs (which I like) and very nice responsive nipples and she is fully shaved with a nice tan too. All good as far as I'm concerned but then I did pay for her PG so I knew what to expect - the pics are recent and accurate though.

The meeting: Sophie opened the door as soon as I knocked and greeted me with a big smile, a hug and lingering kiss. I handed over the money and used the bathroom while she quickly checked it. As I mentioned Sophie was wearing a secretary outfit and I was in a suit and although we hadn't discussed any kind of role play it just seem to start as a boss/secretary kind of thing with Sophie sitting me down on a chair and then sitting on my knee asking if there was anything she could do for me. I replied that I would like her to 'take something down for me' and then we both just cracked up laughing. We agreed that neither of us would be any good at role play so we just decided to get on with the good stuff ;) It did break the ice though and set the mood for a very very fun booking.

I always love to start off by receiving oral while standing, with the girl on her knees and after some nice DFK and general groping Sophie duly obliged. She is clearly not new to escorting and this showed as her oral skills are excellent. Lots of variety with great tongue flicking and ball licking/sucking. Plenty of saliva and some nice noises from her but not in an over the top way - just right. She can take it deep as well with no real problems. I mentioned her eyes before and she maintains great eye contact while giving oral. Because her eyes are particularly distinctive this works really well and looks very filthy ;) She also made sure that we were positioned near the mirror so I had a great view.

I didn't want to cum like that so I undressed and we moved to the bed. As I finished undressing she was already playing with herself which I love so top marks again there. She obviously took note of the fact that I like this as she did it often during the booking. I wanted to give her some attention next so lots of oral from me. She is absolutely fine with everything including fingers and either enjoyed it or gave a very convincing performance of enjoying it. We moved onto 69 for more excellent oral from her and more opportunity for me to have a play. I also gave her a little rimming but didn't try popping a finger in. Don't think this is on her enjoys list and I didn't ask. She played with herself again in this position and when she saw how much I liked this she also got a toy out and used that on herself and then let me take over with it. Just to change things up a bit she then knelt on the bed and rode the toy for a while.

The whole booking was very professionally done by her and she clearly knows the value of giving a good show. None of it seemed forced or mechanical. I told her I loved toys and mentioned my prostate massager which I happened to have brought with me ;) She was really keen to give this a go and she did while giving me more oral. We did have a few issues with too much lube on her hands and trying to keep the toy in but this just made us both crack up again. I had to stop her again with the oral because I could have easily cum like that but wanted to get the condom on and get stuck in. I asked if we could start with standing doggy but the bed was just too high so straight away she jumped off the bed, grabbed a chair and positioned it in front of the mirror so we could both watch and it was awesome to see her face while doing doggy. Back onto the bed for more kneeling doggy, missionary, folded deckchair and finally cowgirl. All done very enthusiastically and with some nice occasional subtle dirty talk.

Finally it was condom off time and a finish with a fantastic sloppy blow job. I asked for a combination of hand and mouth and got it with lots of saliva, deep throat and great technique. I still enjoy even a poorly executed blow job to a degree but this was extremely good and the combination of her look and technique made this feel deliciously firthy (particularly when she would pause and spit on my cock and then dive straight back onto it  :yahoo:). COB, facial and CIM are all on offer and I went for the latter.

Conclusion: I have never been much of one for taking the risk of TOFTT and although Sophie has some great feedback I didn't do as much research as I usually would. It worked out extremely well though. I would describe the overall experience as very professional but relaxed and natural with lots of energetic sex. It was more than filthy enough for my tastes and most of all it was a huge amount of fun. Sophie is very skilled woman who knows how to please but also seems to really enjoy what she does. No clock watching (we over-ran by about 10 minutes) and I was always made to feel extremely welcome. This was the most fun I have had in a booking so far because we had such a good laugh and if she was based locally I would see her often and will certainly do so anyway if she tours again.

- 8 (it was not the Ritz but was very decent, clean and in a convenient location with good free parking)
Comms - 10 (can't really find fault as they were quick, polite and with good English. I got a nice 'thank you' text after)
Appearance - 8.5 (I feel a bit mean not giving 9 as Sophie has the kind of body I really like but I expect to be seeing lots more girls over the next year and need to leave myself some leeway :D)
Service: - 10 (it would only be fair to give a 10 for this since everything was done exceptionally well and with enthusiasm and energy. Nothing was off the menu and there were no extras. A very honest girl who obviously gets satisfaction out of sending you away with a big grin on your face!)
Value for Money: - 10 (No question here especially since Sophie had an offer of £100/hr for her first visit to Warwick. Normal price is £120/hr but this would still be exceptional value she she also allows filming ;))

Would I visit again? Undoubtedly. I am hoping she will tour in the area again but even if she doesn't I will try and arrange to be in her area at some point for more of the same. Would be a reg if not for location because she is so much fun)

**** I should also mention that Sophie allowed filming at no extra charge. I asked and we discussed the rules and she was very relaxed about it all. She seemed to enjoy this aspect of the booking a lot and took the camera off me several times to do some filming herself and let me concentrate on 'other things' :D At one point she even said "we should make a porno!" (I assumed she was joking!). I should point out though that I am not sure if she always allows this and I suspect that face filming is normally not allowed so it's worth checking with her beforehand. She did say to me that she felt relaxed enough with me which was great although she added 'if this ever gets out I will find you..........and I will kill you! ;)". It was meant tongue in cheek but with her Bond Girl looks it was eerily convincing :D It will never be going out on general release  :scare:
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Great review Hank! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with her and seems like a top quality girl. Definitely a girl I would visit, but have to wait until she comes back to the local area.
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Yeah she is a bit of a gem and to be honest was way way better than I expected. I'm glad I took a chance and know she is worth a punt if she comes back. It sounded like she was pretty much booked up for the two days so here's hoping  :thumbsup:

Offline dboy74

Excellent review, Hank  :hi:

She is now on my HL.

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