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Author Topic: Tina come for fun, Kirkcaldy  (Read 2725 times)

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Not a bad service, she gives good head and is responsive when being fucked...

The issue is size and looks.  She isn't facially unattractive but her AW profile pics are "cleverly" taken and don't give a true reflection of what's on offer.  AW profile states size 16, her underwear tells a different story, size 22...

Oh, and the flat is a bit untidy and could be doing with a carpet in the shagging room! 

If you're stuck for a shag, I'd give her a go, but I don't think I'll return.

https://www.adultwork.com/2395129 or https://www.adultwork.com/Tina+come+for+fun

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Offline Friskyfifer

Total Junkie........

I would get checked

Total Junkie........

I would get checked

Fattest junkie in Scotland if that's the case!

I dunno, I'm very familiar with the signs of smack, worked in a role not a million miles from junkies for years and I didn't see the signs on her.  I reckon if there's an addiction it's to cakes and pies.

Sorry everyone for bumping this review, but I have something amazing to report.

When I saw this hoor she was 37... she's now 29. 

The march of time can be halted gentlemen.

Offline bigmike32

How can she go from 37 to being 29 she must have found the fountain of youth.

Offline Bluefin

How can she go from 37 to being 29 she must have found the fountain of youth.

Or a time machine!
 :lol: :lol:

I'm not saying this review was responsible, but a couple of days after I posted it, her profile vanished and a new one popped up.  She is a little more truthful about her size but her age has been "corrected"...  :lol:

Offline bigmike32

Now shes put her correct age and size on her profile now. She mustve ditched the fountain of youth for a bottle of tonic. Thats kdy currency.

Offline bigmike32

Aye just take her a bottle of buckie and a kebab and i think you are in.

Offline bigmike32

Might punt her for the banter lol.

Might punt her for the banter lol.

Honestly,  so long as you go in with your eyes open she's a decent hoor.  I won't be back but she's an experience worth having!

Offline bigmike32

I will end up punting her but dont know when and im quite new to punting but i will never see a romanian i want to see british girls. Whats your advice for a good punt in kirkcaldy then?

The A90. 

Seriously, Leena in Inverkeithing is the best in Fife.  That's not hard, and I suppose it's a bit like being the tallest dwarf, but even without comparison to any of the mediocrity in Fife, she provides a fantastic service. 

Offline bigmike32

I will see leena she has got great reviews. I punted a few years ago. My first fife punt was flirty in fife very cheap for an hour but that was mainly oral and kissing no sex. Then i saw lucy.uk that was crap never again. I am a fan of the older lady and so far the best and dirtiest has been busty bex when she tours she is pure filth. Punted with bisexy blonde twice a lot older but a great wee body and a great fuck she can really suck a cock. But busty bex is the filthiest so far. Im sure devon breeze will be even filtier i imagine.

Offline jambogaz

As far as Tina goes, I am 100% with the poopster, she was pretty ropey on the 1st visit (see my review) but I was desperate a few months back & ended up with a fantastic OWO session, she really does know how to handle a cock.  I was a bit surprised at how big she was 2nd time round though, has really piled on the pounds.  I would agree also that I didn't get the impression that she was on anything, but maybe not the brightest bulb in the box.  Having said that, she seems genuine enough and was decent conversation while I was there.  She did slag off a few of the more junky girls around about her area however.

and speaking of Leena, I have never had a girl on a hotlist for as long as I have had her, without actually making the booking.  Twice I have almost done it but booked my old favourite Katy instead.  I would debate on Katy/Leena being the best in the area, if you treat Katy the right way she can be dynamite!

Offline bigmike32

Thanks for the information it helps a lot and leena is on my hotlist aswell i will be going to punt her sooner or later. Lynne looks ok shes also in inverkeithing. If im ever in kirkcaldy i will consider tina also i like the look of ninas boobs. So you reccomend katy then do you have any links. I reccomend busty bex shes a filthy ride and shes back in fife next week.

Offline jambogaz

Here you go...https://www.adultwork.com/2266015

I think having met both of the Kirkcaldy girls you speak of (Tina & Nina), there's not a lot to choose between them.

I met Nina a couple of years ago, found her quite cute, the pictures are pretty representative of her.  She was pretty vanilla if I remember rightly, very friendly & talkative, the meet itself was ok, nothing to write home about.  Didn't offer much in the way of kissing as I remember, maybe she just didn't fancy me enough lol.  Not a negative meet, but not a startlingly passionate time either.

Tina is kind of similar, but her "O" skills are far better.  She isn't one for kissing either, at all, and conversation isn't the best.

I think Nina may be better for an hour meet, as I got the distinct impression that she likes to get to know her clients.  Tina is most definitely a half-hour booking only.  Bit wham-bam etc.  I would describe her as an old fashioned "hoor", service is very 1980s lol.

Defo need a link for busty bex, cheers.

Hope this helps...As mentioned before, stick 100% to the (established) Oriental ladies (Leena, Katy & Lynne) in Fife & you'll pretty much be ok.

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Offline bigmike32

Soz bout lack of links guys bloody phone. Its bustybex32h on adultwork shes on tour in dunf next week i saw her last time she has amazing tits and is pure filth she likes to talk dirty a lot. I really need to see nina i am fascinated by those tits.

Offline bustybex32h

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Hi huni I sure am on adultwork

Just search me by name bustybex32h


Offline Cc78

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This is tina i have put on weight when i had my last profile i was a size 14 to 16 and when i noticed the comments on here that a guy had the cheek to look in my clothes for my dress size  i went on aw to change it to a 18 but for some reason my profile got the red alert after having it for 2 years and then next day it was gone i then put a new one up and got verified .i am now healthy eating and i want to get down to a size 12 am 5.10 and to be honest i am a bbw that means a big girl with a pretty face some have face like a monster lol i also say on profile if u dont like big woman then please pass me bye i dont claim to be a super model and to clear it up no way am i a junkie i dont no why this has been said u can tell by far i am not  and this is why fife has went down hill because of girls that are i wont be every guys cup of tea but i am clean and make the best of what i have but am sorry none of you like me cheers lol x  x

Offline oyb_72

Interesting i might pop along to see you next week to sample these oral skills of yours :)

Offline bigmike32

So she came on here to drum up some business. The neutral review is putting me off seeing her.

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