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Author Topic: What are your fave songs to play when having sex  (Read 845 times)

Clicking on one of the above youtube links, I saw on the right, a rather interesting thumbnail...

Preferably watched on mute.



I think Miss Balsam might be miming in that video. This is what brass players really look like when they pop out a high one

Offline Sonny Crockett

I don't have a particular favourite..... I just go with whichever music suits the mood.
Banning reason: Troll

This one is rather nice for the seduction phase. It features Demi Moore on female vocals as well.


But best not to sing the words out loud, or she'll think you're a bit weird.
Shame about the creepy man in the video. ;)

Offline ness4

I wouldn't describe it as a favourite song but kylies "how does it feel" always get my vote because I always think the chorus sounds like "how does it feel in my arse?" (Rather than arms obviously) And as with most red blooded men I'd love to be able to answer that one!

Offline ness4

Actually I think the song is called "in my arms"...oops

Offline Nagilum

There is only one song.

Usually I have this playing as I enter the room, fan blowing her hair back as she holds on to the bed, smoke emitting behind me, blinding light casting me as silhouette.


Offline hw189

I'm not so fussed about songs playing in the background, generally prefer it toned down in the background and don't really have a favourite 'punt song'. Though, I recall one time where the following song started playing on the radio right at the moment I was about to get down with my wg. It made me laugh...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTXGL0xPyLA - R Kelly - Bump and Grind. Not my type of music, but funny as hell at that time.

Strict machine by Goldfrapp. Lovely whipping noises at the start.

Else just background porn works well.

Offline Vivago

Another good fucking (and fucking good) song is More Human Than Human by White Zombie. The bird at the start sounds like she is having the best orgasm ever. :wacko:


Offline King Kenny

If you're getting to the end of your allotted time, then the Benny Hill theme is the way to go. Also works when running marathons.

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