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Author Topic: Avoid - 07884747866 - Backpage  (Read 1873 times)

This review has not been indexed yet.
Although the ad says Independent she is under an agency.
She asks for more and more money
first driver's fee, next 130 for the company on top of that 120 for her and on and on.
Ad says one hour 130, it can end up 260 to 300.
There is no service and is a scam.

The girl uses many different mobile phone numbers, photos and ads on uk backpage.com
but the same voice, same accent and same level of English comprehension answers any of those numbers.
(It is strange because ad says from US but you don't hear the accent and the English is poor.)

ID: 13445061
Rebecca united States I'm here for a month Very Hot & Fit American - 23
is just one of many forged IDs and photos.


Don't go with adds with these numbers. Check the number before making a call.
These are just one of those numbers. There are many more. If you can add when you find more it would help and watch out for us all.


[Link added by admin]

Sorry to hear about your bad experience and welcome to UKP.

thanks for sharing !

Are you OK ?

Different ID number 13425209 but details such as phone number matches OP's review above including the
title heading.


At least one of the photos used on this profile matches those of a photo-model by the name of Keeley Hazell (NOT an escort BTW)


Bikini Photo-shot below,


Offline Nice_guy

Back page has always worried me most of the pictures are photoshopped and when I google the numbers sometimes multiple adds come up. Also reverse image search sometimes matches pictures.

I still find my self checking for new adds in the hope a genuine looking one will appear.
Has anyone had any luck with back page?

Offline Leitz.Noctilux

Had the worst experience of my punting life with a BackPage 'escort'; I put the word escort in quote marks as we never actually had sex.

That was in Hong Kong & I used BP because in HK, all you can get are agencies where the girl who turns up at your hotel room door looks nothing like her image on the website, and if you call to complain, the Cantonese speaking madam tells you in broken English that 'this girl has pussy too, what's your problem'. So I thought I would give BP a try; never again!!

I don't know why HK is such a problem, when Singapore is great for punting.

Banning reason: Claiming to forward offer from prossie of free sex in return for deletion

The photos are Keeley Hazel, unbelievable.  :dash:

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