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Author Topic: koko fu Croydon/Grays  (Read 487 times)


Think its her, but the photo probably taken some time back. Saw her this evening. Must say she gave me a nice time.
Nice toned body, small suckable tits ( that I like ), more slimmer than the pic on profile. When asked her age, she said 28. Profile says 24? And looks more older than 24. That could be why the warning on profile? English not too good. Didn't seen to understand about the warning on profile when I tried to tell her about it. On the plus side, she is a very nice lady. Polite, likes to please. On the negative side, wanted £20 extra for OWO. Told her any extras must be on profile, but don't think she knew what I was telling her? Oral covered included in the £100.

Her lack of English could be why her profile has different locations. Says "South Korean in Grays Massage". Then under it says "Hi everyone I am Croydon" ( I'm in Croydon  perhaps ). I saw her at the Ibis in Thurrock, near to Grays. She said going to Holborn tomorrow.

Time & money permitting, yes, I would see her again. We seemed to hit-it-off, clicked. After cuming, was not rushed out. Enjoyed her company, even if I did have to pay for it  :rolleyes: :)  ;).  PS, could have a minder nearby? Made a phone call ( her language ) when I came in. Then another while I was getting dressed to leave
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Offline wazzer

Shouldn't this be in the review's section?
Banning reason: Shitstirring troll on UKE

Taking this "review" into consideration and looking at other comments, I decided to visit Koko-San in the Holiday Inn in Harlow.... see my review:


Yes, I was well and truely stitched up....... :angry:

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