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Author Topic: Anna Leigh X  (Read 756 times)

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Offline dumbarton

I have seen anna leigh once.
she was quite good,but I have tried to
book her a few times since and
never seen her again.
she reads email agrees dates but
cancels. She will come up with all
usual excuces.dont understand why
she just say no in the first place.
so I think see is good but unreliable.
good luck to you.

Yes ive seen her.

Cracking body, and she does most things.

Downside for me seemed a bit mechanical - but better than an EE wg.

Was based up in east Cardiff.

Offline jtfm

Seen her a couple of years back as I remember she was really up for most things, but I didn't see her again, don't know why?
Banning reason: Accusing other members of being pedos

Offline Suit

I have seen her, she was nice, cracking body you can tell that at her peak she was a stunning girl, she has pictures on the wall of her modelling, she was also great to chat with afterwards a wealth of knowledge.
My only downside was that the stockings she wore were laddered  :rolleyes:

Worth a punt

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