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Author Topic: Executive Suite/Club 8a  (Read 889 times)

Offline Tobytim

Hi, went there yesterday afternoon. What a miserable looking bunch of east Europeans. Should have walked. £50 for not much. Grrrrrrr… :mad:

Offline leicesterdude

There was a British girl there.  She was about 5ft 2, big fake tits  and an awesome tight body. 

She used to give a awesome body to body massage rubbing her tits and pussy  all over you. Then shed bend over for a bj. And get on and ride it till you came.  All for 50 quid.

Best punts I've ever had. Used to grab your face and deep french kiss when she was coming. 

Absolute magic. Everyone else there I've ever met is a disgrace!
Banning reason: Fluffy white-knight

Offline CoolTiger

Which parlour are you referring to?

Presumably in Leicester?

Offline Tobytim

Hi, yes. Humberstone Gate Leicester.

Hi, yes. Humberstone Gate Leicester.

House rules Toby, give as much info as you can - this is a regional EM forum ;). Welcome to UKP from the EM chapter  :hi:

I found no website but the number is here


Offline Tobytim

TNS, hi and thanks for the nudge!

A right old scrubber welcomed me in and took my fiver for the door charge. She struggled rousing the 5 girls, all of whom appeared to have been asleep.

An embarrassing wait as none could speak English. Scrubber woman had to do a lot of prompting.

I pointed at the girl with the biggest boobs and she quickly walked off, told to follow her and struggled finding the room she was in!

Grubby room, the bird really really struggled with the menu. Got the hump when I said yes to the bj option. Ten more she said for sax!

Told not to touch anything whilst she performed!! Suggested she wasn't happy and got shrugged shoulders. Shot my load, got dressed and cleared off 55 quid lighter!

Offline CoolTiger

The first and the only time I went to the Humberstone Gate place was 15+ years ago, saw an EE (bulgarian or a Romanian). Forgetable experience.

At the time. there was an Executive Club on Halford Street, opposite to where the the entrance to The curve is now.
Saw a girl called Rachel(?) on more than a few occassions, on eof the best parlour girls I've ever seen. Wonder what happened to her?? She had a few FRs on the other site.   

Offline jayuk99

is this the one up the stairs opposite maplins, went absolutley years ago,
best pakistani punt i ever had there she was fit talkatie not rushed such a relaxed feeling penetrated her good.

Offline CoolTiger

Yes, opposite what used to be The International Hotel (currently a derelict), next door to an Italian restaurant and a lebanese(?) restaurant.

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