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Author Topic: Lexie of Amour  (Read 511 times)

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Offline jacklast123123


1 Hour outcall  £120

Booked Lexie to come to my home, she turned up on time and was dressed very smart in leather  :)
Started with a chat to find out her DO and DONT'S they are as follows - KISSING - OWO - CIM - RO - FINGERING - Everything apart from ANAL ( not my thing anyway )
Started with kissing and a good feel, plenty of groping from her too. Then into the bedroom and got stripped off and she is st8 into OWO and Deep Throat, she offered her pussy and asked to be fingered and she did not mind a finger up her Arse, seemed to like sucking and getting played with, but soon she asked to put a rubber on to get fucked, she was eager and who was i to refuse lol. She started off on top and then various positions till i came in her, she was quite vocal and seemed to like to talk dirty. Afterwards she gave me a nice relaxing massage.
All said it was a very nice hour, she knows what she is doing and will always please.

Comms      10/10
Lexie         10/10
Looks        10/10
Body          10/10
servcie       9/10

Banning reason: Previously banned (Dirty Dog) + Harassment of WG on UKE + White-knight prick

Offline sqlbatsman

With the amount of outcalls at your place, your neighbours might start thinking you are the service provider :D! Just kidding....Good review, glad you enjoyed it  :thumbsup:

Great review . hadn't even thought about Lexie till reading this , I like a  horny dirty girl , over the quiet polite ones

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