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Author Topic: Illicit Companions  (Read 748 times)

Anyone try the Illicit Companion girls in Cardiff?

They look good, some bigger than others, but wanted more views before I venture to them. More of an indy guy usually; any views appreciated.

Here is the link


Personally being a picky guy maybe they should put a space in the special offers link.

No further info though.

This is run by Savannah from down the bay.
So should be fine.

Rates not clear, and you can tell airbrushed photos, i think i steer clear

Thanks Cardiffdave. That's what I thought when I saw the photos.

Why do wg's have to photoshop their images, they are only misrepresenting themselves and letting themselves down when a client meets them.

Will look for other indy girls in the area as a pre-christmas punt

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