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Author Topic: New Massage palour long eaton?  (Read 3110 times)

Hi does anybody know if the new palour as opened up yet on market place long eaton?
Many thanks

There is a new Thai massage and tanning shop opened at that location.
 I called in to get some details but didn't have time for a massage. £30 for half an hour, £40 for an hour. Nothing else suggested and I didn't ask.
 The girl in the shop looked very nice. Slim, 30's and very friendly.

It's on my list for early next year hopefully.


J122...  It's near the Post Office, same side of the road, just a few doors away towards the roundabout.
The entrance isn't very discrete for those who are concerned about such things.


Yep, not very distreet at all. Its oposite where Wimpy is/was, right on the pedestrian crossing.

I've no idea what it was previously. I'm almost sure it wouldn't have been an Indian Restaurant because it's too small.


I've no idea what it was previously. I'm almost sure it wouldn't have been an Indian Restaurant because it's too small.

It was palmers posh pawn brokers i think yellow and black front of shop.

Offline j122

right next door to the butchers, looking on google map/street view there might be a way round back via Regent street between Brennans & back of post office. Far too busy a spot if only front enterance!

Offline Owwhatanight

Is it Pinky who you to be in Beeston I wonder. That's gone now and prices look same.

Offline gerald57

Presume this is the link? http://services.vivastreet.co.uk/massage+long-eaton-ng10/massage/127744033
On another review site, which I gather can't be named here, it appears to be a standard parlour with an upstairs massage room but also with a downstairs tanning booth. Prices again standard £40 an hour +£20 HE and +£20 B2B. Mixed reviews so far and appears to be nothing special with pleasant mid 30's Thai working at the moment. One reviewer called in on spec to find an attractive receptionist who didn't do any massage and no-one else available, so he tried a brief special offer in the tanning booth, brief as he didn't want to have to explain how he got a deep tan in mid December in Long Eaton!

Offline j122

 :hi: wont be frequenting there then.

Offline Iloveoral

I wouldn't expect it to be pinky she was chinese these are thai.

I've not been to the Beeston place is ages has it closed not behind the barbers?

I'd expect this places does HR but that's alll, I did notice that thai Jojo in derby who we seem to have made quite famous has 2 ads on VS one is offering full sex but I think it's a girl working for her not Jojo shagging

Offline Iloveoral

And as said about I wouldn't go to a shop with a front door there, I did that in Sandiacre once and it was quite embarrassing.

I walked past this shop today and noticed a sign in the window saying  "Entrance at back of shop". I didn't investigate further but at least it should be a bit more discreet.

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