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Author Topic: Cute Lisa - Epsom  (Read 901 times)

18 review(s) for Top GFE (9 positive, 2 neutral, 7 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline thekman100

https://www.adultwork.com/2805524 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%5Fcute%5Flisa

It's been a long time since seeing Lisa (working partner with one of my old favs, sadly retired). This was the very definition of a GFE.

Comms were a bit ropey as her colleagues deals with most of them, however, I think her colleague got a booking just as I arrived in town as there was a delay in letting me know the exact flat. However, a walk around the block meant 10 mins later than scheduled, I was in.

Lovely flat, nice and warm but not too warm, great non creaky bed. Lisa is 22-23, Bulgarian confirmed and has a nice firm and smooth body. Nothing jaw dropping, a regular girl next door but very much nice enough and I would be happy having her on my arm on any occasion.

As soon as she saw me her face lit up and it was like being greated like an old (fuck) buddy. Snogs and hugs galore. It took 5 mins before I got the paperwork out!

Services enjoyed were:

OWO - quite DT, she has improved a lot in this, she is slightly submissive with it too. She is a tiny bit 'toothy' but that is the physical smallness of her mouth I think! Great eye contact.
An amazing amount of DFK and GFE looks throughout the session, one of the best ever received.
Missionary, spent a lot of time here.
On her side (no idea of the name for this! lol)
A Level Doggy.  :yahoo:

Now, she knows I like A levels and so I didn't even have to ask, she knew when I pulled out of Doggy to reach for the lube. I don't think she gets off on A levels, at one point I thought she might be in pain but she was masturbating away so I thought I was safe! That's where I had a very extended finish!  :thumbsup:

A great cuddle and chat at the end. Her english isn't great, I know it sounds poor but keep to short simple sentences about stuff and she gets it. But we had a lovely 15 mins with her hand stroking my belly and cock whilst her head was on my chest. Really, it felt so 'comfortable'.

So, after a year in one location in London, she is now on the road again with the same 'agency/sergei' moving them around. She has been moved to my 'local' hotlist to see if it takes her near me again.

When I need a relaxing GFE, she will be looked up without hesitation.

I do miss her friend a lot (who's working name I have forgotten as I knew her real one!) I had a massive soft spot for her. (Alice???)

18 review(s) found for Top GFE linked to in above post (9 positive, 2 neutral, 7 negative)

Glad you had a nice time  :D   She does look very nice  :D

If she is on the move then I hope she comes to the south west at some point  :drinks:

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the review - 2nd decent one of her in a week.

How long did you stay for and can you please confirm A-level and CIM (if you've had that off her) is included, as per her profile?


Offline thekman100

Hey Cunning, I've never asked for CIM though, blowing my own trumpet a bit, I can't believe I wouldn't get it. I must stress, I was one of her first ever punters, I've only seen her 3 times but saw her WG partner many times and chatted with 3 of them together. So I think my level of GFE from Lisa might be top end.

I had to ask her to tell me when the hour was up, she wasn't bothered at all and had I felt a stirring might have chanced a 2nd late pop.

All her reports aren't glowing, so yes I had a great punt, but I couldn't guarantee it. Who could!

Offline Cunning Punt


That's the point, I wouldn't want to blow my own trumpet.

I'd prefer she did it. :D

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