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Author Topic: Alcohol during a booking  (Read 1378 times)

Offline Ben4454

Alcohol can be good but we have had reports here about girls getting too drunk and passing out. If that were me i would be royally pissed off. In the past I have had civvie dates with girls that involved too much alcohol and twice i had my shirt plastered on. not a nice thought but stay away from too much alcohol girls can't handle it.
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Offline Nagilum

Having a couple beers before a punt will boost confidence, personally I do not after my bad experience with a Romanian girl.  I would suggest mints before you see the girl as she may have DFK (at discretion) and then she may choose to exercise that.

Offline Marmalade

Most people gave very little idea of the exact degrees to which alcohol affects them. If you are a heavy drinker, a glass of wine at her place probably won't affect your judgement or ability. Personally I only accept it if it is her wine, but few are that generous.

As to benefits vs drawbacks, if you can guage the amount and onset period it shouldn't be hard to work out. A mouthful of vodka just before a ten minute taxi ride to her place for instance. Treat the punt as the pleasure and the alcohol as a carefully imbibed drug.

Getting half pissed during a punt ... :drinks: :thumbsup:

Only did it on a punt abroad as been clubbing, usually find these days alcohol gives me a real hard stiffy(I have also suffered from the opposite effect) but find it hard to cum and can go on for a long time which at times is great sometimes not so great for the girl at others.

With the likes of dee and platinum Cindy I have had a few vodka cokes and that's been fine, I also punted miss sexmachine with a hangover and that tool something away from the punt but I was close by so it was too good a chance to miss

Overall I think a couple of drinks is fine, unless your a complete lightweight

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