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Author Topic: Chelsea cloisters question?  (Read 2287 times)

I've been there many times and never had a problem.

'I'll be back'  :cool:

Saw a WG there called Grace earlier this year (who seems to have disappeared from AW) and flat was decent with a nice bathroom but I did not know CC was a prossie paradise

It wasn't your fault Rebecca.

She would of carried you up the flight of stairs if you'd asked her...she's been down the gym.  :P

Offline boardyhell

spent a pretty penny in that building,it must be an eye opener being a maintenace man in cc

Offline Tom5334

Was there last week, been to the place about 5 times now and never had a problem.
One of the easier places to walk into.
Banning reason: Trolling

Offline tigerfeet

I think the cleaners finish about 4pm as i have seen them leaving via a rear service door when i was walking around to kill some time before a punt so if you're worried about running into them you could arrange for after that time

Offline Candyman

I love the place. As its been said; a bit grotty and in need of redecoration in the communal areas and the rooms I've seen. Not that I care at all as I'm not visiting for the decor. A couple of times while walking along the corridors I've heard wg (presumably) screaming with delight much to my amusement. No of the staff there care and because of this you couldn't feel any more comfortable when going there for a punt. There's also a nice steak house on the corner if you feel hungry after

Haven't been there but seems like an interesting place to visit.

Sounds like the cleaners get a kick out of seeing and hearing the shenanigans that go on there! :D

Offline boardyhell

i wonder what the plumbers do when the call from room 703 reports that she has trouble with a ballcock which needs sorting

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