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Author Topic: Bjanee & Hollie Love Gangbang January  (Read 466 times)

Offline macmate

I'm liking the idea of this, anyone partaken in the past? I think they're quoting £80 for an hour, across 2 x 1 hr sessions with an aim to get 10-15 guys involved (each session???). Not sure that ratio represents great value, but I like the filthy reputation of these girls who sound game - as long as DP's on the menu!

Offline ATMIV

Nope - ratio way way too high
Chances are you'll end up paying £80 for the hour struggling to SEE anything never mind participating
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

I did once enquire of Bjanee about a gangbang - she said no A levels "for obvious reasons".. not obvious to me, except that maybe she wouldn't want a dozen blokes banging her up the arse.

So I would think DPs aint going to happen either, and with up to 7.5 blokes per girl, you're going to spend a lot of time on your own.

I would like to DP a girl sometime, but the thing that puts me off parties generally is the safety. You (and specifically your cock) will come into contact with another fella's fluids at some point.


They did one last week which must have gone well if they are having more. Last one was £100 for 90mins which is better than £80PH. 1 hour is too short in my opinion, especially with that number of guys. Maximum of 8 or 10 guys at most. (We all know that there is always a couple who splash & go right at the start).

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