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Author Topic: Worth another shot?  (Read 709 times)

Offline samsung1


Have pm'd a member but never got a response, as his review was not detailed very much.

Worth another shot? that body looks delicious  :drinks:

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Offline Dusktildawn

I've seen her
She's cute but pictures are very flattering
She also talks for England and goes on about how many gifts and presents clients get her
I wouldn't return
Banning reason: Trolling on UKE

Offline Ming

Frankly I would not take the chance, £80 h/h and £120 for the hour is a lot of money to gamble when there is already cause for doubt, but your money, your punt!

Probably like me you're after the new and exciting rather than sticking to the regular girls you know will do a good job, if that's the case can't say I blame you  ;)

Let us know how you get on if you do decide to dive in?

Ming  :hi:

Offline getonit

Agree with dusktilldawn, she also performed OW whether I wanted to or not and also changed condom after every position, no flow whatsoever

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