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Author Topic: Strictly vanilla...?  (Read 361 times)

Offline faggins

I've never seen (which can just as easily mean I haven't looked hard enough) any reviews of Pro-dommes/Dominatrices* on here.

Is that because the site is geared to more (statistically) "normal" tastes? Would a review be welcome/helpful, or is there a more dominatrix specific review site somewhere (not aware of one)

*as opposed to WGs who offer domination as part of their likes list

Offline shagbambi

I can only think of north365's reviews which involved a dominatrix and made for interesting reading, especially for the vanilla punters like myself.  Feel free to describe your experiences.

Offline Hertsgent

I agree, got for it - i am waiting to hear of tales of you being hung from your ball bag !

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