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Author Topic: blue eyed brooke and sexy arse Lindsay. duo in bracknell/Windsor  (Read 2960 times)

Online aj12345

Has anyone seen these two ladies? Their profiles sound good for a duo with anal, rimming, cim and swallow. Saying they get very interactive with each other but £300 per hour isn't exactly on the cheap side.

https://www.adultwork.com/2698399 https://www.adultwork.com/Blue+eyed+Brooke+

https://www.adultwork.com/1826592 https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy+Arse+Lindsay

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Offline localdriver75

Look elsewhere for that price.

Of course they will sell you the dream.
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Online aj12345

It's true. Trying to get either of them on the phone has been difficult enough.

Looking for some alternative duos around Berkshire. Seems quite dry

Offline contentguy

I saw Brooke about a year ago, very enthusiastic and a lovely lady.

She was a large lady then, she had lost a lot of weight (20 stone) though had put a bit back on again.  She'd was planning cosmetic surgery to trim up.  As a fat b*stard myself, she was a bit of an inspiration, though her size claimed size 16 at that time was certainly aspirational.  And her photos are either not of her, or are very dated.

Hope that helps, as I said she was a lovely lady and it was a year ago.


Online aj12345

Thanks that does help. I don't mind a larger woman I'd the attitude is right and she's still good looking but it's a lot of money to take a chance so I may pass.

If their half hour rates weren't so high, I would try one of them in their own to get an idea.

Offline Huawei

I saw Lindsay a couple of times 2-3 years ago, when she called herself Carly. Firstly at a parlour, then once when she went indie. I think I was her first booking of the day, I guess there were some delays with getting her room sorted/herself ready, as she kept me waiting for about 30 minutes with texts every few minutes.

Unfortunately that obviously caused a problem with her timings for the rest of the afternoon, as her phone kept ringing during the meet. The moment I had cum, she grabbed her phone and dashed into the bathroom - must have been to try to salvage her next booking. It also indicated to me that she was booking back-to-back with no (or very little) time in between. Either way, it left me feeling very rushed, and I was out in about 40 minutes (1 hour booking) if I remember correctly. Obviously this was after my originally scheduled finish time. I took her off my hotlist, and haven't been back.

I would have reviewed at the time, but it was before I discovered UKP. Hopefully someone else may benefit from this, as I have from others comments.


Online aj12345

Definitely not worth pursuing these two then I think. Being rushed is not acceptable at any price point let alone at £160 per hour.

Online aj12345

A question for those who have seen Brooke. I appreciate that she is a larger lady but is she still good looking?

Don't mind the size if she's pretty and delivers a good service.

Online aj12345

Noticed the duo price is on special offer and wondered if anyone has seen either of these ladies recently

Offline WhattheFlip

Lindsay's got a bit of a man face hasn't she? Plus, 36!!? How many years ago was that!?

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