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Author Topic: Some very brief reviews of Fife girls  (Read 1272 times)

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External Link/Members Only - Lucy.Uk Dunfermline
Nice girl but talks far too much about nothing! Pictures are very accurate and she is a very good looking girl. Great owo but is not a fan of being fucked, she likes to give you a handjob and make you cum. Have been back a few times however put a stop to it when her kitten appeared at my face whilst being sucked off.. Was not the pussy i wanted to see there

External Link/Members Only - Zoe1976 Kirkcaldy
AVOID - entered her house and it is a mess and i should have walked however gave her the benefit of the doubt! Ushered in to a toom where she took off her civvy clothes to her bra - she has massive tits but also a massive arse, stomach and fanny. She did owo and a tit wank then bent over slipped her pants to the side and took a pounding. Half way through i could smell her fanny and called a halt to it there! £30 and the horn got the better of me.

External Link/Members Only Hot Lips Leena Inverkeithing
Fife's Angel
10/10 for this girl!! She is a dream, everything in the list included and provides the best deep throat owo i have ever had! Tight asian pussy and ass that are both available for a cock in them.
Body is dynamite and she smells fantastic... Tastes it too. Very accomodating, shower offered and drinks too. Only downside is she is hard to get hold of!


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Have to agree with you re External Link/Members Only - Zoe1976 Kirkcaldy who used to be called Dani. Got a decent enough bj from her but her son was wandering about the house with his friends smoking dope and kept pestering her for money. All this happening while my cock's in her mouth. Didn't fuck her but fisted her huge fanny and made her squirt (piss probably) wanked my cock and came in her mouth and face. Seems nice enough person but def not worth the £65 she's asking

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Useful contributions, both. Thank you.
Zoe sounded interesting, but not in a good way! I was once interrupted mid shag with Barbie Nicole in Edinburgh, when a wee white dog came in for a look see, closely followed by its embarrassed mistress. Just funny, really. Less funny, I suspect, to have your coitus interruptus by a spotty juvenile dope head wanting cash of his mum who just happens to be fellating you at that moment. Urrgh...
Nothing remotely funny about Dunfermline's Lucy UK who takes money under false pretences; talks constant drivel, delivering a zero service. Tries to wank you off.  Bitch. Avoid at all costs, especially if you dislike moggies.
Hot Lips Leena is professional and good at what she does, which pretty much everything!

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Zoe. Did I really write that? Getting senile.
I meant 'Dani'.
Sorry folks...

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S X Machine - "Constant Drivel" exactly sums it up!!
She also told me she makes £80,000 a year doing this, cow defo takes cash and offers minimum gash!!

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Hot Lips Leena has been on the HL list for some time but never around when I have tried to get in touch. And with the bridge being as it is at the moment will be next year at the earliest now!

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I saw Lena quite a while back. Great fun and filthy, but big for  a
Thai girl.

Also saw Lucy a few years ago and never been back. 'nuff said, eh?