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Author Topic: Role Play - who can in EM at the moment?  (Read 305 times)

Offline RedKettle

Some help would be appreciated please.

I have had a few dabbles with role play, pretty standard stuff i am sure but the scenarios were ones that I enjoyed.  However the women I have seen for this are no longer active and when I look at my HLs I just cannot imagine the girls on there being any good at it.  Do you know of any in East Midlands that are really into it, so that they can keep in character the whole time?

I am not asking for anything extreme, the actual "action" would only be what they would do on a normal punt, but they need to throw themselves into acting the part.


Whilst a lot of girls have roleplay in their likes, a few make specific mention of it in their description. Search the 'specific words' field for 'role play' and 'roleplay'. A few seem to specialise.

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