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Author Topic: CLAUDIA-69 Paddington  (Read 1890 times)

2 review(s) for CURVY_CLAUDIA (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I call on Paddington £70 for 30 mins.
Have been lurking for a while with the odd post but feel is time to review. Had been hoping to see Claudia for a while after seeing her on webcam (find this a good way to check girls out rather than rely on photo shopped pictures and dodgy reviews apart from here!). Was in London and managed to make time.
Claudia speaks good English so comms good and place an easy walk from Paddington. Had read previous review mentioning place is bit run down. Is functional and Claudia has clearly made a big effort to make the place homely with candles, fresh towels etc. Was offered a shower and drink so felt nicely relaxed. As it was my 1st time with her I opted for 30 mins. So money exchanged and showered so ready to go.
Love my girls curvy and busy and was definitely not disappointed Claudia came in a short red father Christmas dress. Oh my god. Her huge cleavage was barely kept in and the short dress barely covered her curvy are. 
She did a sexy strip to reveal her huge tits and knows how to entertain a man sexy.  She was amazing! She is very clean and attentive to cleanliness so after cleaning my cock she got to work with fab owo technique. Then she oiled her tits and started an oily tit wank. Nearly popped there and then so locked her pussy to calm myself down a bit. She is very responsive and held me in favoured spot til she came. Great view up over her huge tits.
She then rode me enthusiastically on top whilst I paid attention to her cleavage! Was encourages to take her doggy which she clearly loves and was enthusiastic sly rubbing her clothes til she came again. Finished off on her knees ducking,  tit waking me whilst encouraging g me with her sexy EE accent. I shot my load all over her huge tits which she loved!
A great punt with a really sexy and curvy lady who really knows how to please a man.  As mentioned elsewhere she is a seasoned pro but great and enthusiastic attitude. Very chatty indeed so had a good chat with her afterwards. She mentioned as was documented on here that has put weight on but if you like curvy women you will not be disappointed.Interesting to hear how adultwork control and rip of these girls and now possibly scamming us all by allegedly taking vat off the girls but regularly move to another tax haven so unlikely to cough up! Definitely see Claudia again. Whilst romanian girls have a bad name on here, proves that with research you can find good ones. My 1st review so hope I have covered everything.

2 review(s) found for CURVY_CLAUDIA linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

I walked when I saw her about 6 months ago. She is a very, very big girl. The first photo on her profile gives some idea, the other 2 make her look "curvy" rather than enormous

She did say that she had put weight on due to medical condition but was working hard to lose weight. Can't say for 6 months ago but can speak for last week. For me it was not an issue at all but guess this is an individual thing. The pictures are definitely her but think a couple are old rather than photo shopped. She said she needs more pictures but the photographs don't come cheap which is presumably due paying for the photo shopping skills. So which is better and hence I use webcam. For me what was so good was her personality/enthusiasm which along with her sexy approach made for a great connection. Btw apologies for the spelling mistakes in review_ predicktive text!

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She's now whinging reporting this thread saying you've "not never seen her"  :sarcastic:

Where has she reported it? Is she whinging about my comment or the Positive review?

Where has she reported it? Is she whinging about my comment or the Positive review?

She's whinging about your earlier comment.  :sarcastic:

:lol: where can I read her comment? You're all welcome to pay her a visit and see for yourselves. I've not said anything that isn't true!

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She's now PMing me, clearly got a dusty phone, or a new "agent" (Pimp)  :sarcastic:
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Ha ha    Hi  James999    you have obsession i don have Pimp  :D just do not understand if you do not know me  what is you problem  I never said i am Dress Size:6  I say in my profile   i am Dress Size: 16   :) if you're interested I invite you to see my 257 pictures in  private gallery   ;) and if you do not like Big girls(BBW)(16 dress size )  There are so many escorts    ;)    :hi: Sorry for my English  - CLAUDIA-69 -

Yeah James, go on, pay for her Private Gallery then pop over and see her  ;)

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Ha ha    Hi  James999    you have obsession -

It's a forum you daft bint, if you bump old threads and report people what are we supposed to do, ignore you, and don't PM me anymore, I've got fucking weirdos  :hi:
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