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Author Topic: Elite English Eliza - Swansea  (Read 1037 times)

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Offline aardvark

www.adultwork.com/2261567 or www.adultwork.com/Elite+English+Eliza

I saw this lady a couple of weeks ago - she is superb, a sensual feast in all respects.

Short version - fantastic, well worth seeing.

Full version - for the connoisseur, read on.

The Comms
Good comms - initial contact made via email to her AW address. She responded promptly. At her request, after she had provided her number we then spoke on the phone to discuss what I wanted. Subsequent communication was via text message - again, prompt responses. Good directions to get to the location were provided on the day, confirmation of number of house given by phone call upon arrival.

The Place
A terraced house in a village just outside Swansea. Long terrace, instructions given to park on a quiet road nearby, short anonymous walk to the house. What I saw of the house (stairs, bedroom and bathroom) were clean and tidy. She appeared to be the only occupant. The bedroom was dark and illuminated with candles, curtains closed. Comfortable double bed.

The Lady
Upon arrival, Eliza was dressed as I had requested. Probably about 5'4" - 5'5" tall (taller in heels!!) Dark hair, which was put up initially. She subsequently uncoiled it - long, very dark wavy brunette hair which added to her sultry appearance. Once divested of unnecessary accoutrements (clothing), a very shapely size 12 figure was revealed, crowned by a spectacular pair of large, well-shaped, self-supporting, natural breasts. Facially Eliza is attractive. Profile pics are accurate. Overall, a sexy, sultry, self-assured lady who oozes sex appeal - you certainly won't be disappointed (I definitely wasn't!!). She made me feel at home very quickly and is intelligent, cultured and easy to talk to, without being too talkative. A classy British Rolls Royce of a girl!

The Meet/Services
Drinks and a shower were offered upon my arrival, both were accepted (separately) and a clean dry towel was provided.  Once showered and into the room, Eliza began to kiss me on the lips. She is a very good kisser, teasing at times, nibbling and full deep kissing with tongues - she has a VERY educated tongue I came to discover. After slowly undressing to reveal her figure, she instructed me to lie down while she covered herself in coconut oil. Kneeling above me with a glistening coating of oil, I couldn't keep my hands off her and played with her breasts and nipples. She slid herself up and down my body, rubbing her breasts and pussy against me before starting to make Mr. Happy even happier. The BJ was excellent - varied in speed and technique, sucking around the head before licking the shaft from the tip, down over Mr. Happy's two (equally ecstatic) friends to the perineum and back to suck my balls. She took me into her mouth and deep-throated, pressing her face into my belly. Her eye contact throughout was fantastic and was that element that took it to an extra level. We changed places and I played with her pussy. She has a large symmetrical pair of labia lips, which she seemed to like being sucked and licked. She seemed to enjoy a finger being pushed into the pussy and her clit being licked. Eliza then repeated the BJ until the inevitable point of no return was reached and an explosion occurred. An excellent coconut oil massage (this girl really does know what she is doing) was provided before Eliza coaxed Mr. Happy back to performance standard and lowered herself down onto me cowgirl style. She rocked, rolled and ground her way to a shuddering climax (so she assured me - it did seem to be genuine), before we changed places and I slid into her from behind. I could not only see myself sliding in and out of her pussy, but also her boobs moving underneath. This prompted me to reach around and play with her nipples until round two reached climax.

Eliza has a fairly extensive ‘loves' list (as she puts it). Those that I sampled she provided with consummate skill, expertise and what certainly appeared to be genuine enjoyment. Based upon that first experience, I may try a few more next time!!     

The Verdict
Oh yes! Swansea has a star! This lady is definitely one to return to. The self-imposed £120 glass ceiling has been shattered and once the genie is out, you can't get it (her) back in!


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6 review(s) found for Elite English Eliza linked to in above post (6 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Boblowjob

I agree totally, seen her three times in total, once in a threesome with Georgia (Welsh Brunette). Super horny girl.
Banning reason: Previously banned (Boblow)

Offline aardvark

I agree totally, seen her three times in total, once in a threesome with Georgia (Welsh Brunette). Super horny girl.
:hi: Hats off - I have shamelessly plagiarised your first review of her for the 'oozes sex appeal' line - because I ccouldn't put it any better myself!  :hi:

Offline R091rat

Gutted she is no longer text bookings would really love to meet her

Offline R091rat

Sorry I meant not taking bookings

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