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Author Topic: Maxes Angels Marcela/Blair/Arianna  (Read 863 times)

Marcella was chopping a line of coke when I emerged from the shower, short, chunky but pretty good service, took cim/facial like a good un.

Blair - not seen but mixed reviews and spasmodic availability.

Arianna - not seen but looks hot.

Of the current girls at Maxes I can recommend Alice, Gia, Yasmina & Victoria as certain great punts....

Offline sHiNy

How does Marcela look? does she look like her pictures or is she really different?

Looks pretty much like her pictures pal

I ve seen Blair before in 2014

She was a bigger than a 12 more like a 14 back then and her recent photos seem to have taken a few years off her facially

She was a good dirty punt though

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