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Author Topic: MILF Hunter! Olivia Cardiff 40 Year old MILF  (Read 2307 times)

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Offline thatguy

Date & Time:
7/12/15 noon


Cardiff Bay

The girl:

Age: 43-46
Height: 5'5"
Dress: Size 0
Breasts: 34 DD
Hair: Shoulder length Blonde
Face: Attractive, Fake lips
Miscellaneous: Some tattoos
Nationality: English
Ethnicity: White


30-45 min




OWO, Cow girl, Doggy, squatting, COB, PSE

How legit:




The meeting:

I've Seen this great woman over the years. Id say at least 10 times. As you can see from earlier posts I have written here about her you can see where I stand on certain things. But thats just my opinion, regardless of whats been said in the past she's Cardiff's best MILF option without a shadow of a doubt.
Last time I saw her was Feb 15 and again today. This lady clearly has been hitting the gym hard as her body is tight and yes will put some girls bodies to shame. The services offered are second to none and highly enjoyable.
It's a bit like fucking your dads MILFY hot girlfriend scenario.

I turned up, handed over the sacrificial donation and stripped down. from there there was lubed up wanking, sucking more wanking and some pussy eating from me followed by hot sex in every position followed by an earth shattering cum that shot from the lower breast area to the wall behind.

Over the past few months I've fucked a lot of escorts and really haven't found the one to be my regular just yet. I gone from agency to agency in Cardiff and Bristol, With the recent move to Bristol it's going to be be an epic to come back. Never the less I think Ive found the woman I will be donating my wages to. Like Ive said Ive seen her loads before, but the service today was the tip of the ice berg. A real pleasure and hopefully many more to come.


Hot MILF not for the faint hearted. proper pocket rocket!



Would I return:


Will I return:


Value for money:



Banning reason: Making a post about leaving, then sending petulant message to Admin asking to be banned

Offline newforthisyear

What a body! Great review!
If I were into woman twice my age I'd probably have a go!
Banning reason: Touting banned site by PM

Offline Gastroboy

Great review. Must try.
Are Olivia and Cattykins the same girl?

Offline Mil 34

Good review. Only seen her once a few years back and to be honest not my cup of tea at all. If she's 40 then I am 21.
Too much Botox, lips pumped up way over the top for me.
I wasn't impressed to pay her prices to be totally honest but each to their own, if that's your type of girl then best of luck.
Nice enough lady but far sexier about

Great review. Must try.
Are Olivia and Cattykins the same girl?

Although the photos aren't the same - they are very similar...

Offline Mil 34

Is it the same girl. Kattykins is who I saw not Olivia.
If they are the same why have two profiles

Offline Redevil86

There are a couple of the Merthyr sting collective knocking two profiles out at the moment and there are / have been others, for why I do not understand. Would be good if someone in the know could explaine, I get two phone but two profiles ?

Offline Mil 34

I think it's to catch out unsuspecting customers who maybe have seen a girl once, didn't enjoy it so wouldn't book again.
 When you arrange a second meeting innocently then, not many blokes would walk away having previously seen the girl. It takes a fair pair of bollocks to turn and walk 
Maybe I am a little bit cynical in my old age but how many of the ladies are truthful.
If cattykins is 40 then my cock is a bloater

Online ruffrider

HAHA!! she told me she was 45 and that was back in 2010!  :lol:

I suspect with Cat its a way of hiding her agent she's been 40 for a good few years. Changing the profile might be a way to hide it.

She's got a cracking body and is v good looking for her age.Great shag too. If you like MILEs she is by far the best in this area.

Offline jtfm

They are the same girl seen her last year, think those photos were taken a long time ago!
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Offline Mil 34

I saw her at least two, maybe 3 years ago and her body was pretty good but I've been looking at these pictures of hers for many more years. She did have a video on her website a few years back of her in the shower. it was because of this video that I went to see her. When I saw her for the first time I was disappointed to be honest.
When you can see a smart Hungarian girl for 30 quid an hour less sometimes I am glad we are in Europe  ;)

Offline thatguy

I've seen her 10-12 times between 2007 and now. So I've seen the changes.

Her body is actually better now.

If you want a MILF. Then that's her. If you want a 20 year old then she's not for you. But in my opinion, she can oufuck many of the younger girls in Cardiff at the moment, and for that she gets my attention.

Yes same girl in the profiles. Why? Maybe one got hacked and she set up a new one but then fixed the issue, who knows.
Banning reason: Making a post about leaving, then sending petulant message to Admin asking to be banned

I'm down near Cardiff next weekend for a bit of pheasant shooting. I think I'll pay her a visit and give her both barrels. Metaphorically speaking of course ...

HAHA!! she told me she was 45 and that was back in 2010!  :lol:
Ageism !   :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:

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