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Author Topic: Unit 8 Sheffield price rises - bah humbug!  (Read 418 times)

Offline PickleTwiddler

Well it turns out that now anything over 30 minutes is "too long" for a girl to provide only two services, so for an hour's basic you have to have a second girl because you'll wear the poor thing out if you have any longer.  Wanted an hour with Mya but not GFE as basic+snogging is all I want, settled for 45 min GFE, during which I had only two services without complaint.  Well I'm rather on the stingy side and think 90-100 for an hour is quite enough, but by the time I was in the room and thinking of Mya I was thinking with the small brain not the big one, as a result I feel right ripped off now having paid £105 for 45 min, which substantially exceeds GFE's prices for a similar service, and from what I've seen (I've never been) GFE is the top place in Sheff.  So maybe it's time to look elsewhere.  Honeypot's Jodie is a good shag; Linzi is OK but no kissing; perhaps try some other places out.  Maybe try Paradise out.  Any other recommendations?

Anyway I suppose the point here is that U8 (uniquely, it seems) no longer offer an hour's basic, you can only get more than 30 minutes with a girl if you pay for GFE.
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Offline wonderboy

Unit 8 had their VIP room on at £180ph. That's a very high rate for an hour, although now on special offer at £150 (which is still too high).
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Iff enough people stop using them they'll bring prices down. There's only Mya worth seeing now Roxys packed in.

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