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Author Topic: Kiki Minaj - Early 2015  (Read 1658 times)

3 review(s) for KiKi-Minaj (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline dezpow


OK, probably the best punt I've had to be honest! Let's just get that said.

I've read a lot of reviews about Kiki since my punt with her, and to be honest most are negative. It's interesting because I reckon I got lucky with my punt, for several reasons which I will elaborate on in a moment. From what I read the majority of the complaints are either price or communications, and I agree on both. I saw the price was either £200-£250 on the profile, so I thought I'd try the usual "How much for the hour?" question over an email - turns out it was £170. I always do that because as most of you can probably agree with, you search 4-5 different profiles over several websites and prices differ, so always worth the ask - you may be surprised!

I emailed her and didn't get much back, I then got a response a few weeks later and I grabbed her number. Over the course of a few weeks of me having on-off horny periods I would message her every now-and-then and ask about location and availability. I found out she was out by Harrow, which is pretty far from where I live and work, but I'd find a way! :cool:

After much delays in response and the odd unavailability due to her shooting, she was free one day where I was getting off early - so I headed on down. I had to get another number off of her to call her as she seems to have 2, look out for this if you are having trouble calling - she's pretty clever with this.

The Punt:

So I got there with a quick cab from the tube station, you could walk it but it's a fair walk. I got to the house and I couldn't believe I was about to screw Kiki Minaj! The American Pornstars of course seem so untouchable and so unimaginable to even get near due to the fact they are a million miles away, but for this price and this ease of access - I was thrilled!

She looked gorgeous, big lioness weave which looked great. She's much smaller in person, and minus the heels. Anyone who has read my reviews can see I have a thing for a lady who takes care of herself head-to-toe. I loved the nails and the feet, very fresh and didn't get left by the way-side.

Went upstairs, sorted the paperwork out and had a quick shower - which is nice and convenient. Walked in with just the towel on, and she offered me a massage which I declined politely. She began to kiss me, DFK was most definitely present and you didn't need to ask for it. I was hard in no time and she went to work on my cock with her hands and started to gently suck and pull on my balls (I love that!). I was rock hard and ready to go, but wanted to enjoy the pornstar-level oral. She proceeded to suck the head and just go to work on it in general - a lot of ball play and prostate stimulation with her tongue and nails. She pulled her breasts out of her bodystocking and I had a play/grope of her breasts. They weren't stiff or super firm like many enhanced tits, she explained the difference in her boob-job comparing to other options which I guess explained it's softer, "realer" feel. I began to titty-fuck her breasts off my back whilst she spat down the shaft, just picture that!

Onto penetration! She had given me some good throat and chest work, and even did stuff that's a little extra cheeky like the prostate massage and erecting my own nipples with her fingers and lips. I mounted her from behind and with some belly-down doggy I opened her up pretty wide, she was very receptive which of course made me pretty happy. After a lot of watching that peachy ass shake and vibrate on my cock I was ready to look her in the eye, rolled her over and put her legs over my shoulders - went to work! Guess you're not supposed to ask "does that feel good" but I did lol, her eyes were closed and she said "oh yes, just keep doing exactly that" in a relatively normal, giggly voice. She quite clearly wasn't trying to drop the whole fake orgasm, she seemed to be trying to get "there" - she asked me to rub her clit with my thumb whilst I pounded her hole, I did of course. She tightened up and gasped a fair bit, seemed like my constant, rhythmic pounding got one out of her, I was satisfied! Good feather in the cap lol.

We tried more positions, her in cowgirl which was very good - a lot of nipple sucking. I hit her in doggy in front of a standing mirror, this is where she really got me, she seemed to know what drove me crazy. She reached down and massaged my balls as I doggied her juicy ass standing, I was over the limit now - oh my lord! I started panting and told her I was going to cum, she then asked for it on her face!!! Sure!!! I pulled out and slung the dom into the distance. She advised me to keep it out of her hair whilst smiling at me, I came so freaking hard! All over her face, eyes, nose, mouth, tits and unfortunately for her... her hair! She started to laugh and said "Oh no!" - but made sure to suck all feeling out of me first.

We laughed a whole lot over the "bad aim" and she cleaned up and lit up a spliff - I declined a pull, I was chilled enough. We had a chat about some personal life stuff, her porn career etc. was real laid back, she even called me a cab from a local place and I gave her a goodbye hug and kiss. Pretty happy that she's now in Central London, but unfortunately the price has hiked up - even with me saying I'd met her previously.

Perhaps just a one off great punt! but I welcome any questions or insight people.

9.99/10 for Kiki!


3 review(s) found for KiKi-Minaj linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline baretta

Fucking brilliant I'm a big fan of your reviews :cool: love the fact that she sparked up a spliff  :hi:
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Offline dezpow

I've really slowed the pace down in terms of punting - most of these have been in the past 1-2 years, most very recently.

I'll keep em' coming!

Kiki was top draw mate, I would recommend if you could excuse the 250 price tag!

Offline Kaluuu276

I had a chance with her during the early years when see was offering some xmas specials.

Was gutted to cancel due to flu!  :(

Offline dezpow

I won't lie, even though I saw her at a cheaper rate - I think I might have to revisit.

So many times you "try" someone new and it's just basic! There are a lot of very nice WG's - but after you've seen 5-10 WG's you start to just want a regular WG which you see every now and then. Kiki would be great for that but the price is hefty for her to be a regular!

Supposedly she does A-Levels within her price, I didn't even notice that! I would have tried it with her if I'd noticed. It's not everyone's sort of thing, but hey!

Did she explain why the price was £170 and not £250?

Imo she is another one just trading off the fact she has done a few pornos, quite attractive but her body isn't great if you look at some of her recent scenes

Offline dezpow

Well I was thinking more along the lines that it's cheaper than the advertised price so why risk questioning it. Guess I could have asked afterwards but didn't really think of it at the time.

I'm with you though in terms of her recent scenes, not her best.

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