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Author Topic: Inara Serra (formerly Lola Luxembourg), Reading  (Read 1942 times)

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Offline Cunning Punt

https://www.adultwork.com/3122072 or https://www.adultwork.com/InaraSerra

I had a half-hour booking with Inara on Saturday @ £80
Positive bordering on neutral.

I could only find one review on here, when she was Lola Luxembourg.
Old profile ID: 2923647
Previous review: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=55668.msg720611;topicseen#msg720611

As Inara doesn't display her tel. no, comms are by AW email, but she responded very quickly, even when she was ill with flu.
I asked her about French Kissing and OWO and the response was fairly encouraging on both, so booked.
She requests a booking request via AW and once that is put through, sends you a lengthy templated email with an overlong list of dos and donts, plus some useful travel tips.
Inara then gives you a tel. no. for future text contact should you need it.

Inara has a small top-floor flat in west Reading, off Oxford Road, off the mini-roundabout by the Central swimming pool.
There is a reasonable amount of on-street parking with 2hr limit 8am-8pm, but check you're not in a residents' permit only space.
Failing that, there is cheap parking in the swimming pool car park. Chatham Place multi-storey is 5mins walk away but is expensive.
Reading's main station is 15mins walk away and Reading West about 5mins.
The shower was decent and I had one before and after the punt.
However, the bathroom door does not shut anywhere near properly, which would make me rather self-conscious if I was desperate for a pee - not because of the sight but the sound of it, as she will be bound to hear you in a small flat. Go before the punt, I'd suggest.

Inara's pictures and description of herself on the AW profile are accurate.
She is friendly, intelligent British girl who is fairly attractive in a girl next door sort of way - about 6/10, in my opinion.
She wears glasses - and keeps them on, even during the punt, which may not be to everyone's tastes - and looks like a librarian, albeit a very busty one.

Protected sex - mish
CIM is apparently available, but I didn't partake or check whether it was an option or included.
I also did not try fingering. She seems the sort of girl who might be up for it if she was comfortable with you, so I would try if I visit again.

Inara says she is happy to do FK and OWO as long as your hygiene is good and I had a shower beforehand.
She claims to do DFK if she's comfortable and what she did during our punt was probably her idea of it, but it wasn't.
We had plenty of kissing, but it was light FK, in my opinion, as her tongue was often retracted.

OWO was reasonable with some eye contact, though I didn't want too much because I didn't want to pop too soon.

As soon as I began oral on Inara, the moans began, so a bit fake. She appeared to have an orgasm after a sustained session of DATY, which might have been genuine but was quite theatrical. However, she did put her fingers inside her pussy afterwards and then put them in my mouth, and they were slightly wet.

Sex was purely in mish, which was nice enough, but there was no real eye contact and she seemed reluctant to do much kissing, which is the main reason I enjoy this position. She did wrap her legs around me ahead of the finish, after a bit of direction using my hands moving them there. Shagging a girl with her glasses on was rather new for me and a bit off-putting, if I'm honest, though some guys no doubt like it.

Would I return?:
Not in a hurry, particularly because her rates of £80hh/£120ph are slightly high for me, though if CIM is on offer and included then the hour rate would not be so bad.
However, see she now does a 15mins option @ £50, which is an option.

Does FK and OWO
Escort who's actually British
Friendly and intelligent
Nice discreet location

Not many, but bathroom door could be fixed.
Also, her email signature has a promotion for Twitter - okay - and also suggests you buy her a gift: one because it was her birthday and another because it was Christmas!  :thumbsdown
She's an escort, not our girlfriend.

No eye contact and little kissing during sex
FK could have been better
Her rates are above what I usually pay
I didn't really click with her

Sometimes, you don't really click with a girl and it's not particularly the fault of either punter or WG, it just happens. This could have been one of those occasions, but more eye contact and better FK would have helped.
It's a positive bordering on neutral because the good outweighed the average.

It was rather fitting that Cunning Punt's 30th review was with an obsessive Star Wars fan, as the new film is released.

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1 review(s) found for InaraSerra linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline revoltra

Good review as usual CP.

I had a roleplay session with her when she was Lola, and my experience was very positive then. I keep meaning to book her again for a repeat and write a review about it (the previous session was before I joined this site), but things keep getting in the way of that arrangement.

Offline daverfc

I'd love to see her but after viewing her private pictures I realised I knew her from the pub and is a mate of a few people I know.

Can't risk the wife finding out there.  :angelgirl:

Offline Cunning Punt

I'd love to see her but after viewing her private pictures I realised I knew her from the pub and is a mate of a few people I know.

Can't risk the wife finding out there.  :angelgirl:

Yes, the one downside of punting locally is that you'd bump into an escort you've seen. Good job you paid for the private pictures, then.

Not an issue for me as single and not really an issue in Reading as there's so few reasonable escorts. The one advantage of Inara is that she actually is willing to work on a Saturday.

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