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Author Topic: Roxanasweethot - London  (Read 412 times)

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Roxanasweethot - London

Kissing (lips only)
Penetration (Protected) in various positions

When: About a month ago

Comm's: Via text. I had a couple of hours to spare and decided why not try a new girl. Contacted Roxane and received a prompt reply with details. She confirmed the flat number when I reached outside the building

Price: £120 for an hour

The girl: The pictures on aw are genuine. I'd guess her age is over 30 and not 26 as the profile states. But Roxane looks better in person. She has a good attitude, was always smiling and open to suggestions.

The meet: As I reached closer to the address I sent Roxane a text to confirm I'm near the building and she immediately replied with the flat and floor number (it was quick. almost as if the text was ready to be sent)

I knock on the door and Roxane opens the door and directs me to her room. She was wearing a short black chemise and high heels and looked hot. I directly came to her place after having a shower so I did not opt for one. She offers me a drink and we get the paperwork out of the way. We then start kissing slowly (not dfk) and she turns around and starts rubbing the butt against me. This feels great and it makes me harder. I start squeezing her tits while kissing her neck.

We then get undressed and onto the bed. With me on top of her we start kissing again. Unfortunately she does not do dfk (her version of dfk is deep kissing with lips). This was a disappointment for me as usually without it the whole bit feels mechanical. But I'm thinking it's fine. The girl has a good attitude so maybe things will go well. I then get the rubber on, looking into her eyes I go in slow. She starts moaning a bit. I then start speeding up and then banging it out until...  I eventually pop.

She offers me some wet wipes and goes out of the room. I clean up and she is back in a minute. After a little chat we start kissing again and then move on to owo. She seems to love owo and keeps going at it with ball sucking included and it felt great. A bit of hand action involved in her technique which I preferred she didn't. We then move on to round 2 with sex in various positions and she was was open to all. She isn't a clock watcher and we finished just about 5 minutes over. I didn't pop the second time though.   

Roxane is a nice girl and happily tried everything I asked for (except dfk). But I felt it was a bit mechanical. Maybe because there was no dfk. So I wouldn't rate this as one of my positive punts but she did well enough for this not to be a negative. So I decided to keep this as a neutral. But I understand everyone has different taste and some do not look for DFK. So maybe it may turn out great depending on the services you are looking for

Would I return? I wouldn't return but I can see how others may have a better time if you are not into dfk

3 review(s) found for Roxanasweethot linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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