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Author Topic: everwell  (Read 681 times)

which everwell branch is good? charing cross rd had kate, isabella others b4

Offline LondonLarry

The one in L1verp00l Street. Call ahead and ask if Ekko still works there. V v skilled tiny masseuse. hand.
Dunno if more offered.
Also N4ncy does at least hand...never actually tried her for that (as me n the manageress/doctor had a BIG argument last time!!)....but her massage is lame.
she's good-looking, and fit/slim...trendy.
there may be other low-key workers here...the massage part is up the road from the reception/acupuncture part, and up stairs!

i think they do in every Everw3ll...my first ever was on L1sle stre3t. Was absolutely amazing, but she's gone to China now.
curious about the lady working there now...v brown skin Chinese. Fit n lean. Seems nice. never tried her yet tho.
She's never upstairs.

I've seen pretty therapists in the char1ng cross branch(es)...never tried tho.

The branch on char1ng cross rd has fuglies in there. I had hand once..was pretty good.
Went back and had to...finish the job.  :(
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