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Author Topic: Chloe Banks - Stansted, Essex  (Read 2041 times)

1 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 943090) (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

well i hope ive put this in the right place

https://www.adultwork.com/943090 or https://www.adultwork.com/Chloe+Banks

Report On: Chloe Banks (341) 
Report By: workinallweek
Meet Date: Friday 6 July
Meet Location: Stanstead Essex (In-call)
Fee: -180
Extras: -
Rating & Feedback...
Positive - Very positive 
Would visit again: Yes
Would recommend: Yes
Value for money: Excellent
Overall Rating: 10.0 out of 10
About the Venue Score: 10/10
Hotel at services so a busy place where it was easy to get lost in the crowd lots of parking but 2 hour limit unless you tell the reception
Typical hotel of this type ,modern clean and easy to access

About Chloe Banks
Physical Score: 10/10
Just see the website its all there and all 100%
Chloe was dressed as requested in lingerie and stockings nicely done .
Personality Score: 10/10
Chloe is friendly and not shy ,cautious before the meeting but when the meeting starts its a full on gfe .
Chloe seems open to suggestions so if you fancy something just ask she will say no if she doesnt like the idea.
Services Score: 10/10
Checked with Chloe as to her dislikes and mine then just got down to it totally non mecanical in her approach i felt it to be more like a date .

About the Meeting Score: 10/10
Arrived at the door after being given the room number ,was met by Cloe wearing the requested lingerie and stockings ,started with a kiss which moved on to DFK .Stopped to sort the cash then i gave her a quick massage ,turned her over sucked on her nipps and made my way to her pussy with my tongue, with some light fingering, she is very tight .
Chloe appeared to enjoy this and after her shuddering on the bed returned the favour ,now i like owo and have found a few(maybe 3) girls who get it the way i like it ,well ive found number 4 who i might just say with a little more practise(i hope) could make the number 1 spot .
iI had to get her to stop as i was in danger of shooting my load ,we continued kissing and hugging until we moved into a 69 wheere after a few minutes i could hold back no more and came in her mouth .
plenty of time left and we talked about another meeting with a possibility of a 3 sum with her friend .There is no clock watching and we overan by quite a bit.
Now considering i had almost given up this hobby and thought this could be my last punt ,i feel a few more meetings are to follow Chloe is what it says on the can and you cant ask for more than that 

this is the copy of the feedback i left her the day after the meeting and i must admit on reading it it makes me look a bit 'fluffy' but i still stand by it .
She is a pleasant girl who does the job with great enthusiasm accepting that she has a limited shelf life ,and she needs punters as much as we need sensible good girls .
oh and the punt lasted 2 hours  we overan....
At last a proper punt .....
i will return  :dance: :dance: :yahoo: :drinks:

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline yumyum3

Glad to hear you had a great punt after your enquiries :drinks:

Glad to hear you had a great punt after your enquiries :drinks:

thanks   shame but i tend to be very cautious now

Offline mattylondon

thanks   shame but i tend to be very cautious now
Shes very, very cute. Thats the sort of quality worth punting in Essex. Young, SLIM and attractive

Glad you enjoyed your punt.  :)

have you seen her duo profile ....

Offline englandfan

where did Chloe Banks go?

she always worked from the fourwentways in Cambridge - did an all night with her once - which was not bad

she was cheap - but also very dirty


Offline finn5555

Also met her some time back was an ok punt nothing special. Didn't know she had vanished. Try looking for her around Essex on the search facility

Offline englandfan

agree she wasnt fantastic - but she was worth a fuck

she did an overnight with me for 350 - we must have fucked 5 or 6 times so i wasnt complaining

her profile is no longer active - cant see her anywhere

Offline finn5555

Well my guess is you won't find her then  :unknown:

I saw Chloe at Fourwentways too - nice girl!

On her profile she used to have a picture of her wearing a strawhat and tiny, cut-down jeans, leaning over a ranchfence  :thumbsup:.

Pretty, up-for-it girl IIRC - and she used to be a relief-publican!  :D

I guess she's moved on now, she seemed a pretty 'together' type of person - hope she's doing OK in whatever she's doing now, and whoever she'd doing it with.

Offline englandfan

i remember those pics well

i had some good video of her too which i lost when my laptop died

some great stuff of her sucking me off till i cum in her mouth

she loved to talk though - my good she loved to fucking talk !!!

can still picture me grabbing her blonde locks while i banged her hard from behind....


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