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Offline pictisunum

Another review of Woofie!


Location - Incall
Duration - 2 hours
Fee - £320

This is my first review on here and as it involves one of the East Midlands superstars I'll take the opportunity to introduce myself.  New on here but not a newbie, my username "elsewhere" is "The Celt".  I would've remained as such on here but that name was already taken. I appreciate that many choose to retain their anonymity between the two sites but a) I'm a forthright speaker and b) it's ridiculously easy to cross-reference between both sites. Anyway, hello and onto Woofie.

Woofie was recommended to me by Savannah James an absolutely gorgeous and outrageously sexy young woman with whom I enjoyed an exhilarating meeting earlier this year. 


As Woofie is already well reviewed on here as consistently excellent, and as the inevitable Raddy opus is forthcoming, I'll simply focus on a few observations.

Location - Woofie's place is very discrete, comfortable, welcoming, and well equipped for the purposes of visiting her.

Comms - Were excellent and we engaged in regular e-mail correspondence over 4 - 5 weeks negotiating and organising our meeting.  My instructions were followed to the letter.

Appearance - She is gorgeous, sexy, petite, slim, toned.  Of course a woman's overall allure extends beyond her physical appearance and Woofie moves in a very seductive manner, and she exudes a pronounced sense of naughtiness.

Presentation - She was dressed and presented exactly as I had instructed.  She was very personable and welcoming.  Woofie is what I would describe as a genuine sub, that is to say that she's an intelligent, articulate, accomplished, well-balanced, and independent woman who also happens to have personal needs that relate to submission, subservience, obedience, etc.  It's reassuring to know that your dominance will be appropriately received, that there will be imaginative compliance, and ultimately that she enjoys the experience enormously.

Meeting - We had previously negotiated that our session would include spanking.  However she contacted me (before the meeting) to inform me that she had sustained an injury from a previous session (not me) of impact play.  Game girl she literally offered to turn the other cheek, but impact play on or around an existing injury isn't sensible so we omitted this.  A decision made no easier by the sight of her pert, rounded little arse in the flesh. 
I'll note some of the highlights rather than posting a blow-by-blow account.  With a seamless link, "blow" is a good place to start.  Our session included a prolonged session of cock worship.  This woman knows how to worship a cock, and by cock I mean tip of cock to arsehole.  She used a wide range of techniques, speeds, pressures, intensities, etc and the whole experience was as much a visual treat as it was a tactile sensation.  There was a lot of saliva involved.  Indeed in combination with her legendary wetness, within the course of our meeting Woofie left several "puddles" of various origins around the place, bad puppy!  Without boasting, I'm a well-proportioned chap and prior to this meeting I'd only been properly deep-throated on two occasions.  On the same basis I'm rarely offered anal, but this was the first meeting where both activities were not only offered but were received with obvious relish.
Woofie is a very responsive, enthusiastic, and voracious playmate.  I had asked Savannah to contribute some additional instructions for Woofie, which she graciously provided.  One of these was a four orgasm limit, which to an extent was congruent with my instructions around orgasm control / denial.  Another instruction related to certain words from Woofie's potty-mouth vocabulary being prohibited.  Of course she failed miserably on both tasks; she's very orgasmic (even when controlled) and mounting arousal is accompanied by profanity and vulgarity.  Savannah's task was great though as I was able to relentlessly edge Woofie and have her agonise about orgasm number five.  This was a highlight - the sub desperately trying to obey instruction whilst being increasingly overwhelmed by her base desires, and the sadist taking great delight in her plight and edging her ever closer to "failure".  Had this not been a first meeting there would have been more punitive consequences, as it was punishment was restricted to further denial and some nipple torture when the clamps were removed. That said, orgasm five saw the breach of the orgasmic dam and she was in free flow afterwards with RO, toys, vaginal and anal penetration, and various combinations of these.  I'll stop there and hopefully that offers an indication of the encounter.
I very much enjoyed meeting Woofie. In terms of her personal qualities she is bright, friendly, engaging, and fun company.  In terms of sexual qualities she is gorgeous, sexy, very talented, enthusiastic, imaginative, and frankly voracious although I kept up with her  :D

20 review(s) found for Woofie35 linked to in above post (20 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)
21 review(s) found for Savannah_James linked to in above post (21 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Welcome "The Celt"  nice review and thanks and just a point, you have seen quite a few Girls I have seen, and this time I am following you  :P (this week) with Woofie, I will read this review and read again and may takes some tips from it...
Not sure how I can achieve a penis enlargement in such a short time so I will leave that... ha ha

I hope I have as good a time as you seem to have
Keep the reviews coming mate :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Get yourself on UKE and enjoy the banter on there
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Offline pictisunum

Thanks and be assured you will have a wonderful experience with Woofie.  Enjoy her to the full.

Offline GolfNut

Fantastic review pictisunum!

Personally I don't think Woofie has enough reviews on here by a long shot. She is clearly in a league of her own when it comes to delivering pure satisfaction.

Sounds like it was an orgasm fest of the highest order. Once she starts she definitely can't stop can she?  :D

Bring on the Raddy epic!  :yahoo:

Banning reason: Undesirable

Offline Owwhatanight

Now that was an excellent first review, nice to meet you Pictis and welcome.

Bet that made your smile Raddy oh the fun you will have  :D

Offline pictisunum

Thanks chaps.  I think there are some excellent ladies around.  I guess one factor that distinguishes some, like Woofie, is the realisation that however excellent the first meeting you know that you've barely scratched the surface.  Now that's exciting!

Offline Jackjones

One of these was a four orgasm limit

That's hilarious, she must have been going nuts!

Nice review pal, keep it up.

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