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Author Topic: Any seen this girl in Darlo  (Read 700 times)

Offline docbrown


Hello chaps , desperate for a decent punt in Darlo . Getting harder to do !!!!
Any one had the pleasure or mispleasure of this young lady

Or any recommendations great fully accepted

Offline godhomer

I sent her a message on AW a good while back when she had a different name, it was never read.

I wonder if it's a case of yet another EU girl

Just to add a bit more to daviemac's link to a review.
Her profile is appearing today as being based in Carlisle along with another couple of girls who have recently advertised as being based in Darlington. Kimy, Naughty Eleanor and Becky Becky are all Eastern European (claiming to be Romanian) and were based in a street near the North Road/Thompson Street cross roads in the town for those who know the area (I don't think it's right to name the street as other folk live there).
The tale of the mother poking her head round the door is similar to an experience I had at this house, went to see one girl but wasn't impressed, a bit 'bait & switch' but she produced a second girl that was Becky. Much more to my liking and was the girl in the photo but she had more limited services that I wasn't happy with but still wanted the same rate, pity really. But all the dialogue was done through the 'mother' and I'm sure she controls the phones too.
Just remember, we always have the option of saying thank you, but no thank you and walking away - I'm becoming much clearer in what I want and won't part with hard earned cash unless I'm 100% clear on who I'm seeing and what service I'm going to get. we all have to be careful though don't we!

Offline docbrown

I took a chance on Saturday , check out my negative review . Deffo a dodgy e u girl

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