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Author Topic: Adele4U - Bayswater  (Read 1475 times)

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Comms: Adele has great Comms, you can tell she is a nice person from the moment you start communicating with her. Warm, friendly and very easy to book with.  When I first started punting, Adele was the first girl recommended to me highly, however I need some positive feedback first on AW first. This added to the overall excitement and quest. So fast forward, we agreed swiftly to meet during the week. I always like girls who know their schedule and can plan ahead, it make life easier for us busy folk.

Location: Very easy to get to by train and you have ample lines that lead to her flat.  If you are thinking of driving during the day, I suggest you do not as parking may be a nightmare. In the evening there seems to be more spaces, but I cannot be certain of parking restrictions.

The Punt:So I get to the location and call Adele, she spots me from the window and leads me to her door over the phone. When I arrive the door opens and Adele is hidden behind it, I peer round to spot her and she is exactly like in her photos, a very pretty girl with smoky eyes that invite you to the bed, fantastic boobs and a peachy bottom to die for.

So we get to the room, I am offered some wine, which I accept. We have a sit down on the bed for a brief little get to know you chat. Adele is already seducing me with her talk, telling me I look handsome, loves how I smell and making me feel totally at ease. I felt the nerves just vanish.

At this point I drink my wine fast because I want to ravish her. So we start with DFK and I thrust her to the bed, mounting her with my clothes on, grinding my crotch into hers. She is making all the right noises and I'm feeling good. Then I remove my clothes, except the boxers and carry on with the DFK, this girl is snogging my face off with passion!

Now she asks to remove her clothes, I oblige and can't wait to see her body. Off comes the knickers and crotchless outfit. I move down to sample her Mango, it's clean and fresh and I'm helping myself to generous servings while cupping her fine breasts and running my hands over her body.

She now wants a go so we switch to OWO. Perfect eye contact, it's wet sloppy and deep, going for deep throating too, damn this girl is wild! What enthusiasm too! She really wants to devour you! I should note, Adele was feeding off me, and I'm pretty sure this is why she receives rave reviews. She reads you well and succumbs to your needs.

Now I ask for the Mac and into cowgirl we go, she feels tight, wet and incredible. Loads of moans and whispers into my ear about how big and perfect I am. I can feel the tension rising, she flips me over on top of her for mish, I am grinding away, kissing her all over.  What technique to do that! The ecstasy on her face and sultry eyes make me pop!

Immediately she warns me that in round two she wants doggy and me to grab her hips and thrust like a champ. What does one say to that gentlemen!?  We get to some talking and I am offered another drink.  Then I discovered something quite unique... Adele is an avid gamer, she loves them! It's genuine too as she held a conversation with me about world of warcraft, her fav games and what she wants to buy on her PS next etc. She is a hot geek. It's the perfect combo and I'm intrigued! I enjoyed this conversation and easily could have carried on for the punt, but remember the mission! While she is talking, she is also kissing me and talking seductively, her ability to switch that on at an instant is impressive.

So round two begins, DFK, straight into mish, followed by doggy. If you remember her movies... Then prepare to become the actor, she loves this position and looks great in it, especially in the mirror. Now to cowgirl in the mirror, more mish, back to OWO and finally back to Mish with Mac. Now some spooning too and we are both a sweaty mess at this point, but this turns her on more!

Adele wanted me to pop a second time by giving OWO again, but I couldn't get there. But my god she put in a shift! We over ran on time too as this girl does not clock watch nor does she rush you. She genuinely wants you to have a great time.

I showered up, gave Adele a kiss, hoped to see her again and said goodbye.

Return: Yes

Enjoy gentlemen and happy punting!

104 review(s) found for Adele4u linked to in above post (101 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline PLeisure

Banana? Did I miss out on something she does  :lol:
Ain't no Mango without a Banana. Just ask King Tarzan  ;)

Offline Nagilum

Ain't no Mango without a Banana. Just ask King Tarzan  ;)

His banana beast knows no bounds

Offline vt

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Offline Nagilum

Dropped in for visit two today.

Every bit as good and then better! Just subtle things like rose pettles to walk through, fruit and cake in between the session, the banter and making you feel 10ft tall as always.

One of the top girls for a reason and recommended once more!

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