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Author Topic: CUTE ANETE - ABERDEEN  (Read 1085 times)

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Met Anete at the start of the week. Same block as I saw Wild Nicol.
Comms weren't great and I almost gave up. It's all via text and obviously not her as her English aint great. Anyway think whoever as texting got their wires crossed thinking I a someone else. Persisted with it and got it sorted. Had to wait a few mins once I got there which I hate and as told to wait outside. No chance. It was Baltic so went back to the motor but there is parking allocated to the apartment.
Got in and met at the door with Anete in sexy undies , she has a tattoo on her arm and midrift but had a slutty / dirty look about her which was a turn on.
Lots and lots of DFK , fingering , oral covered (fine by me) , reverse oral and lots of positions and I got the feeling she was right into rather than the usual moans and groans to order. Shot my load and then got a decent massage and onto round 2 , more of the same , fucked standing up (not for long knees you know ) and then onto cowgirl for finish which was intense.
Age maybe late 30's , petite , tanned , Brazilian and she liked having her pussy licked.
I was there for just under the hour , most of it was action as English is nae great so small talk is difficult.
100 quid for the hour which I thought was great VFM. I  think she's headed to Edinburgh / Glasgow soon although I may have picked that up wrong. Back home before Xmas.
Goo punt I enjoyed it which isn't always the case these days in Aberdeen.

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I wouldn't say they were recent , her hair is  a good bit longer now , it is her though.
34 on the profile but I'd say nearer 40. Suited me fine though being older myself.

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3 review(s) found for CUTE-ANETE linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

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yeah I've seen both Nicol and Anete and reviewed both. Didn't really hit it off with Nicol but it was okay. Anete I had a great time with


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Her AW says she does a-level and filming, any idea if these services are accurate offered as listed?

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Surely it can't be her actual sister. I assume they don't do anything to each other?

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Her AW says she does a-level and filming, any idea if these services are accurate offered as listed?
I'd be interested to find out if she allows filming but anal is out. She doesn't know what's on her profile.

Al the comms are done by text , when I tried to call goes to VM  then got a text back. Whoever is doing the comms obviously has a couple on the go at the same time. I got into text tennis and almost called it a day. It's pigeon English once you get in but for what I wanted it was easy enough to communicate. Any kind of small talk is pointless. She understands the words but doesn't seem to be able to put into a sentence. So if you asked about anal / filing sure she'd be able to nod / shake her head.

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