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Author Topic: EnglishRebecca121 London tour  (Read 1026 times)

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Offline nigel4498

Have had Rebecca on my hotlist for ages but don't get to go to Bristol all that often these days and when I saw she had a London tour I thought my luck was in. Fully booked, missed the chance again as she only tours London twice a year.
Then I saw her on UKE saying that she had a cancellation and boy I was in there like a whippet out of the trap.
Comms, all good through conversations on UKE and then emails and texts, all prompt and efficient.
Venue, that well known establishment in Chelsea. Nice clean modern apartment.
Greeted by Rebecca who was wearing a little black dress and offered a drink and a shower. Had a quick shower to freshen up, (slipped in the bath and head butted the wall so no damage there, at least Rebecca wouldn't loose her deposit).
On to the bed with the drink and a chat, the thing with Rebecca is that you feel that you have known her for along time and you chat like old friends catching up, very open and friendly and ever so easy to get along with.
Started with light kissing and stroking and then off with the dress to reveal a fit firm and toned size 6 to 8 body, very petite. Off with the bra to handle her nice pert tits and nibble and suck on her nipples, soon had me hard and down she went to give a first class blowjob, no hands and cheekily looking at me as she liked the tip.
Took her to the edge of the bed and on with the condom, now this is my favourite position as I love to fuck standing at the end of the bed, she guided me in and boy is she tight, has to be the tightest pussy I have ever encountered, what a sensation.
Fucking away in this position but I was slipping away on the mat at the foot of the bed so decided to change to cowgirl so Rebecca slid down and rode me while I fondled and sucked on her tits, shot my load and was pleased with myself as Rebecca commented that I had last longer than most, I can well believe that.
Unfortunately I couldn't go down on Rebecca as I had had a routine dentist appointment the day before and had some work done on a tooth that was still bleeding a little on the morning of the punt so I had to just do a little fingering and nipple sucking, tugging and biting, (she just loves that), while I recovered for round two.
For some daft reason I decided on cowgirl again so Rebecca duly obliged but after awhile I lost it and just couldn't recover in time for a second pop though Rebecca gamely sucked and wanked to get me off, her efforts were to no avail and we ran well over time.
Rebecca is a first rate SP who focuses 100% on your needs, no distractions or time wasting.
The whole punt flowed easily and was very enjoyable. Very highly recommended
Q, would I see again?
A, already booked in for her next London tour as we have unfinished business, namely RO and doggy.

50 review(s) found for EnglishRebecca121 linked to in above post (47 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

What does UKE mean? UKE is short for www.UKEscorting.com

Offline pumps

I'm sure she banned from UKP for being mouthy!

I saw her when she was up in London a year or two ago, to add she swallowed everything and sucked the last drops out of my dick...it was one of those super thick stringy loads.... English birds are actually the Filthiest around!

Offline KentAde

Any chance you can share her next tour dates as nothing on her Profile it would seem?
Cheers...  :drinks:

Any chance you can share her next tour dates as nothing on her Profile it would seem?
Cheers...  :drinks:

February 2016

Offline nigel4498

Any chance you can share her next tour dates as nothing on her Profile it would seem?
Cheers...  :drinks:
22nd and 23rd February to be exact :hi:

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