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Author Topic: Megan Allure  (Read 883 times)

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Well I hadn't punted for some time and was looking forward to a good fuck.  I done my usual research and kept on being drawn back towards Megan from Allure for some reason. There was just something about her and her pictures on the website that got me going.


She had a couple of positive reviews and one negative but I interpreted this was mainly from her constant coughing which I put done to her just having a cold. After weighing up my options and even though she wasn't an obvious solid good punt (Keeva or Tori etc) I thought I'd risk it as these punts sometimes end up being the best kind. But unfortunately not this time though!

I should of known as I walked up to the address and there was an old battered bike against the wall outside the front door. This got me a bit paranoid as it made me wonder who else was in the house. As I got closer the back wheel had no tyre on so couldn't be rode, so I thought fuck it and knocked.

When she opened the door and I walked in my heart kind of sank. She defiantly didn't live up to my expectations. Kind of a bit scruffy looking. First thing that caught my eye was the colour of her fingers, kind of yellow. Not sure if this was due to smoking or fake tan. The word skank comes to mind although that might be being a bit harsh but certainly nowhere near as nice as I expected.

As I walked up the stairs I noticed how minging the house was. Just not clean at all and really quite trampy. There was a not pleasant smell too but later found out she'd just got a puppy and it must of been piss from the dog.

Anyway I was in the house now and I had been desperate to empty my balls so just went through with it. Got the cash out the way and stripped off. She started off going towards a bit of kissing but I really wasn't into that so gently moved her down towards my cock for some head. I like to start kind of slow and teasing and build up but there was none of that. She was just straight in but it was all just a bit too fast and rough, too much hand action also. I then tried to get her to deep throat me thought this may improve things but I wasn't impressed with that either. I'm not that large and she was lucky to take 3/4 them back to the fast and rough action!

I thought fuck it at this point I need to empty my balls and go. So rubber on and while sitting on edge of the bed I got her squat on my cock so I could watch. This lasted for awhile and wasn't too bad then I lay her on the bed with her legs over my shoulders and pounded her nice and deep until I came.

I checked my watch and this was 15 mins into a half an hour meeting but there was no way I wanted to hang around any longer. So I got dressed and left.

On my way back to the car I wondered to myself why do I do this? The lass I'd just PAID to fuck, I wouldn't even pick up for a one night stand on a night out! Fucking crazy!

Offline Rod trotter

These sort of punts put me off the whole game.lessons here are run with the ones who are certain will overall give you value for money.

Theres no need for stinky houses, theres no need to look like a sack of spuds, the girls get good money in truth and yes its a kunt of a job but put the effort in ffs :dash:

Is it so hard? If not they need to clear out of this game as they wont do very well.

Not good at all this  :thumbsdown:
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