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    Author Topic: Busty Curvy Jodie - Nottingham Incall  (Read 1047 times)

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    Not going to go into great detail on this one.
    Although it was a cheap punt (£40 for 30mins), I still left feeling disappointed.

    Jodie describes herself on AW as 8 1/2 stone size 12 - in reality she is about 16 stone size 18+, huge flabby belly and massive arse. The pictures on her profile must be years old.

    Deafening music being played from the stereo, bass making the house shake which she wanted to keep on (as she was going to finish the housework after).

    Sex was below average - she didn't seem interested in giving a good service and could tell she just wanted to get it over and done with.

    Offline Iloveoral

    £40 is very cheap, these girls should be classed as cum dumpers they aren't up for making you smile at that price unfortunately I've learnt that the hard way too, as for the false advertising .... Very disappointing she probably wouldn't have got £40 telling the truth lol

    Thanks  for saving  me some money I was about to try her out :rolleyes:

    Offline Theman1

    This is my fault! I was in notts month's back and paid her a visit after reading her profile and reviews, I made it up the stairs as she had left the door open and she was fresh out the shower with just a robe on, even through the robe I could see a size 20 baby elephant looking at me. Face looks filthy enough to fuck but I declined on this occasion and ran back outside.

    Offline Taggart

    If you look at her photos, most are selfies from the head down, so you cant get a sense of body size/shape. Another shows her tits and curves that would grace a Carribean island on an atlas.  That pic is the giveaway that her profile is economical with the truth. In another pic you can discern the profile of the thigh leading upwards.

    Her profile says - Q. Are your photo's genuine?    A. Absolutely, I am 100% the same as my photos. Check out my private gallery if you want to see more of me.   

    She needs to rephrase and say yes they are genuine - 10 years ago though.

    As for her suggestion of accompanying a client to a Christmas dinner....WTF?  My mates would ask if she'd eaten all the pies!

    What a fecking fantasist.

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