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Author Topic: Hot Latino69 - Stevenage Tourer  (Read 489 times)

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Offline Hertsgent


So this was one where my luck ran out, but hopefully useful to the members. Horrendous would be my description, although perhaps I've just not ploughed sufficient depths in my experiences to date to warrant this.

Accepting the gamble of a zero rated TOFTT punt, arranged short notice a 30min session (£70) in one of the hotels. Comms not fantastic to be honest, but got called in about 20 mins late. Not too attractive to my tastes and a bit chunky, although wouldn't have been a problem really if the attitude and service were good (they weren't !). Small problem with the fee - profile said £70 that day, she expected £80 - I wonder if this ran through to the poor punt, although I think unlikely. Speaks virtually no English so difficult to discuss the fee confusion or anything - given her texts were fine, likely someone does that for her (a good reason for ringing for sure....which I didn't do!). Shifty looking bloke outside hotel before and after too.....

Onto the punt. No kissing (didn't push it), didn't really seem keen to see me throughout, no eye contact, OWO deliberately facing away from me, positioned herself to make RO difficult (to be honest, just wanted to get it over with by that stage....). Her on top (ok, actually got some grunts, but no eye contact), finished in mish - thought about delaying the cargo drop off , but decided completing the task ASAP was the best course of action.

Given lack of English, not much chat after. "Busy?" I said. "No" she replied - I guess that explains the 20 min wait then! She was giving herself a cursory wet wiping as I left - nice.

Overall, no interaction, like being with a statue....and to be honest not an attractive one....I can usually find something good about any meeting, but on this occasion I'm lost for words.

1 review(s) found for Hot Latino69 linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Thanks for the review Mr G. Always bad to see an honest punter have a shit one.

Offline uutarn

Shame, because dat ass in the pics looks fine.

My condolences mate.

Offline Hertsgent

Thanks badvicar and uutarn - to be honest I always look back and laugh at my own misfortune, and also got it out of my system this week.....only as good as your last punt, so now corrected .....regrettably that might be it for me until January, as unexplained absence opportunities slightly limited until then. Perhaps it will give time for me to consider a personal review of the year and goals for 2016!

Offline mrx007

Makes me laugh that she's so "Latin" she doesn't even know she should be a "Latina" as a "Latino" is male....

Offline Hertsgent

Well that might give me some nightmares....... :scare:

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