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Author Topic: Victoriaxoxo  (Read 1001 times)

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Offline JD69


Near the Hippodrome, Birmingham.

Well I have to say, that's the most enjoyable punt I've ever had...

Just a short review to start something with better content than the end of the last one and her stalker.

Comms were very good, prompt and clear.

The apartment is easy to get to near the Hippodrome, with plenty of parking nearby; it's clean and has good facilities.

I had a shower before and after and using mouthwash was requested as per previous posts.

Victoria speaks good english and has an endearing personality- a lovely friendly girl.

Her body is as good as I could hope for. Definitely a size 8 IMO and what's been posted about her before is spot on. Her face is very cute and she's naturally pretty. The photos make her look bigger than she is.

Best bit of all is her kissing...

I've seen a few of the top-rated girls on here and whilst they were good/very good, she (for me) has something extra. I would be jealous of anyone who got to spend the night with her.

At the top of the list for me.

11 review(s) found for victoriaxoxo linked to in above post (11 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

At the top of the list for me.
Top of my to to list next time I visit, have enjoyed meeting her friends but this one got away !  Great to see another good review and glad you had a great time !

Offline JD69

Yes I saw Emily very early in the year, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind to be honest. She's very cute as well!

Offline Ming

That does it, the emperor will definitely be demanding an audience and entry...... :D  :cool:

Offline samsung1

Any clue how tall she is? deffo on my to do list  :drinks:

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