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Author Topic: Hot Aniela (Swindon)  (Read 393 times)

2 review(s) for Hot Aniela (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline benny1710


30 min incall

I'm a long time user of UKP so thought I'd contribute some reviews of my own.

First is Aniela.

Comms were good, rang at 7 and was able to arrange a meet for 8.

Met early morning at a hotel (her flat was being refurbished). She answered the door dressed in her nightie (I had woken her up for the meet). She is absolutely stunning with a great body. She laid on the bed and invited me on where she undressed me. Some kissing although nothing I would class as DFK.

I then proceeded to undress her and commenced with RO. She was very sweet and again (it's woth reiterating) her body was amazing. She also made some noises of enjoyment (not sure how genuine they were).

Then she returned the favour. BJ was without (as advertised) but rather brief.

Then on with the mac. Started with her on top and moved quickly to doggy, which she seemed to enjoy a lot more. The moans of pleasure were definitely genuine this time and it wasn't long before she quivered and I popped.

Already 20 mins in I didn't think a scond pop was on the cards but she (and I) were happy chatting (with tea) and the time ran over.

Aniela is very pretty and her stated age (19) is accurate. She is also a very sweet girl whose English is very good. Services are all offered as described and the prices are good VFM

The sex itself was nothing to write hime about. However, I think this may have been due to the early hour of the morning.

All in all Aniela is a very sweet girl and I will meet her again because, although this meet was only a neutral, I think there is definite potential for a great time to be had.

2 review(s) found for Hot Aniela linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Good first review, nice to know intel on early birds in the region !

Would be nice to know how well she performs after breakfast and has woken properly.

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