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Author Topic: Anita New Thai House.  (Read 3276 times)



Been waiting to see Anita, for week's, she went back to Thailand for a Month . I was in Leicester early this morning planning to go to Hollywood Massage and see Amy-lee . But they only open at 10:30am so I phoned New Thai and asked if Anita was working. They said yes so I ran along.

Paid the £30 door fee for 40 mins , it's better to spend the extra £5 rather than £25 for 30 mins, I find as I've been 5 times.

I pay £80 for Sex and Owo, she always offers me Kissing but wants a extra £20.
Anita is tiny she must be 4:10 max 5ft and large 32DD tits, they looked bigger than the other two times I've seen her and she said she has put on 5kgs.

Into the room nice massage and then she told me to turn over, must be the best body to body I've ever had. She was covered in oil. She is a great Tit fuck , then Owo and she spits all over you're cock. Then I get her to ride me Cow Girl , before she ask's if I want to go on Top.

Great punt then offered a shower.
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Offline Iloveoral

Great review she sounds worth a visit, am I right in thinking you paid £110 in total for the 40 mins? (£30 door fee + additional £80?) sounds a little steep for 40 mins tbh

Offline trex3a

What loveoral said. Is it 30+50 or 30+80? I'd like to know as 30+50 is worth my while and I'm thinking of going there.

Offline jsuk247

I haven'tbeen for a while now and never for 40 minutes. For an hour it is usually £40 for massage then £80 for full service (one pop only though in my experience). The £40 includes shared jacuzzi at the end.

Mostly had good experiences, but once or twice left feeling a little disappointed. Depends on the girl in the room, but at £120 for a half decent massage and body to body with fps to follow finished with a shared jacuzzi with a usually fairly pretty Thai girl seems pretty good value to me.

If it is still £80 plus the massage fee for a shorter punt, the seems to be a bit steep!

Offline DannyJames

It will be £30 + £80, I'm sure.

In the past, extras to the door fee have always been £40 HR, £60 covered BJ, £80 FS.

It's not the cheapest place and I always go HR.

Offline Iloveoral

I guess we are all looking for different things out of the meets, for me I struggle to see why so much money is paid when there's girls out there (thai) that do full inclusive services for less money, I tend to visit a couple in Nottingham £70 1/2 hour, massage if wanted though I never bother, full sex, oxo, anal, rimming - obviously your not forced to bang the back door if it's not your thing but massage, oral and sex still works out cheaper that the door fee places and from the reviews the girls are on par too

My example would be...

http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+dorket-head-ng5/new-katie69/120805333 In Nottingham or

http://adult.vivastreet.co.uk/escort+westcotes-le3/gorgeous-leila/120184154 In Leicester (I've not tried this one)

Offline Stickitin

There are a few places like this that do the assisted bath etc as well a just sex, they are all a bit more expensive, It's that additional bit you are paying for I think. If nothing floats your boat beyond sex then it's a waste of money. I mostly don't go to these places but I think they are ok sometimes for a bit of extra pampering and do it once in a while....plus you are always getting more time, usually 45-60 mins. Those girls linked above are 120 for the hour, so comparing it to an hour might be a fairer comparison?
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I've been to this place a few times but I don't seem to find the entrance discreet enough. :( There's a bus stop outside and people walking up and it don't help with sainsbury's nearby.

Was wondering if anyone visited this place

Offline Flaneur

I tend to agree with the consensus that it is a bit pricey, as I remember £120 per hour for full service.  I saw Anita just over a year ago and thought at the time that it was one of the most disappointing punts I had ever had - certainly not the worst, but just sad that such a georgeous young woman provided a very detached and impersonal service, when it could have been so much better, but wasn't.  I haven't been back since, and of course, your experience may differ.

I have to concur with Flaneur. I use to be a regular of New Thai House and I had the dubious pleasure of Anita on a couple of occasions. She is physically quite stunning but her attitude stinks. The first time I put it down to a bad day on her and my part, the second time I concluded that she's in the wrong business. Due to her I stopped going to New Thai House and have no intention of returning.

Does anyone remember another girl at New Thai House called Aleesha (Alicia? Alisha? Elisha?). I saw her about three times between August 2014 and March 2015. Fantastic punt, every time. Prices are fixed there, I would normally pay £40 at the door then £80 to Aleesha for the FS. She spoke excellent English as she'd been here since early teens. Her skin was soft and flawless. 5'2" with a tiny waist and absolutely brilliant pert large boobs. The difference I found with her was she was very personable and spoke with real interest, very chatty, bubbly. She also used to allow the odd bit of arse fingering and used to love being rimmed. She gave amazing OWO. She was incredibly tight and flexible. These things might seem standard but for a Thai massage parlour punt they are above and beyond. She once cured a lower back pain with her excellent massage and some tiger balm! I've had several very underwhelming experiences at new Thai house since her.

I'm devastated because I loved my punts with her but I called once and she was sat at the reception desk(!) and said "I'm. It working today, I'm manning the phone". I subsequently called a couple of months later and she apparently didn't work there and no one knew who the hell I was talking about. I am bloody dying the find her again. Anybody been recently and seen her or know if she works elsewhere? She told me she lived in Notts and worked around there sometimes.

I've been twice, I agree with Anita been really hot and with her not putting any effort, the other time It was Jasmine and she was great. Maybe Anita is more attractive but I don't know if would like to see her again

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