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Author Topic: Christy Asian Escort Bayswater  (Read 956 times)

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Spend: 150 GBP / if you want Asian that's the price, agency rulezz

Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes

Location: more near nothing hill to me..1 bed lower ground apt..messy but with bath which is big plus to me

Look: 6/10, I give 6 as I am starting to be pissed off/fed up about this photoshop business...honestly if there is agency
with honest real images I don't care how bad the girl looks like I would go for it...mighty tool this software..
I use it everyday at work...anyway she is very petite, slim, boobs are not proportionally done well, hard rocks
but all in all nice little lady...pretty smile...I want to be gentleman as she was very polite and cheerful

Service: good stuff, very Asian way polite...paid and went to have a bath, she helped me to relax, started to play with my weapon of love, touched my body, talked dirty, good beginning...Then proceeded to her bedroom, covered bj, very focused and eager to please..it was my typical day when I am horny and my brain is unplugged from my body...so I was fucking that poor girl like hell..
later i realised that she is so petite that it must be a torture, real butcher business to load her with my cannon...i could see that she was not enjoying it so i slowed down gave her some sensual touches and penetrated less deep...she started to enjoy it and this made me excited and soon released white liquid into condom...we still had a bit of time so she gave me nice relaxing massage...took shower, gave a good bye kiss and disappear into darkness and every day routine...

all in all good stuff however i still haven't fulfilled my dream to fuck hot lady who enjoys sex and my body too...
so i keep tasting and searching...

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